The Cards of Life and Death

cardsgleasonWhat would you do if you could ask a writer questions and have them answered? I was so lucky to have Colleen Gleason (international best selling author) do just that. I found out about a book she wrote called The Cards of Life and Death. I happened to know Colleen through a writing association (RWA is an invaluable asset) so I sent her a quick tweet that her book had popped up on a Tarot discussion. Then I asked if she would do an interview. Man, is she fast. It’s like she a professional writer or something.

Oh wait. She is. Not only does she write as Colleen Gleason, she also writes as Joss Ware. This woman is a talented storyteller and you would be doing yourself a favor to read her books. I read my first Gleason novel, The Rest Falls Away, after getting a signed copy at an RWA event a few years back. WOW. Regency vampires with a real twist that took my breath away. And she is multifaceted as well. But let me stop raving about Colleen and let you hear from her yourself.

1. Do you read tarot yourself?

Colleen: I have read books about Tarot and have always been fascinated by it, but I don’t really read cards. I find the entire concept fascinating, though, and I believe that a person who understands the elements of each card can open his or her mind and truly find guidance.

Thought I don’t read Tarot, I do use Oracle cards for daily guidance and affirmation. I think it’s because they are simpler for me to understand. 😉

2. Why use tarot in this story?

Colleen: As I mentioned, I’ve always found Tarot fascinating, and I believe there is some truth to it. But the core of the story came when I learned that cards should be wrapped in black, and protected from other people using them. It got me to wondering what would happen to a deck of Tarot after its owner died…and what if that owner wanted to send a message. Thus I came up with the idea of a “haunted” deck of Tarot, where the ghost/spirit of the owner (or even the cards themselves) are trying to send a message to a young woman who is filled black and white logic and doesn’t believe in psychic messages.

3. Do you have a deck you prefer?

Colleen: I own the Angels Tarot which I think is beautiful, and I used the the Rider-Waite deck images to describe the cards in my book The Cards of Life and Death. I’d like to get a steampunk Tarot deck because I’m sure it would be lovely.

4. Have you ever used tarot to help plot a story or create a character?

Colleen: I’ve tried! I started a class that was for writers who wanted to use the Tarot for this purpose. But I didn’t have time to finish the class, and sort of let it go.

I’m sure I will again some time, because I feel that the Tarot can help to open your mind to the subconscious–and I wholly believe that all my stories area already planted and flourishing in my subconscious….I just have to find them.

5. What surprised you the most about writing this story?

Colleen: How well the cards fit in with the story itself; how well the cards could represent what was happening to the main character Diana. It was effortless for me to figure out how the cards, which were giving her messages she tried to ignore, could fit in and represent character development. I really enjoyed using that element, and I hope that Tarot readers enjoy the story–and that I didn’t make any glaring mistakes! 😉

Here’s a bit about this terrific story from Colleen Gleason.

The Cards of Life and Death

A small-town summer romance spiced up with moonlit boat rides, handsome neighbors, and a haunted deck of Tarot cards….

Diana Iverson is a sharp, up and coming malpractice attorney with a logical, scientific mind and a handsome fiance–until the rug is pulled out from under her feet and her life is upended.

When her crazy Aunt Belinda dies, leaving her a big old house in Maine along with a box of Tarot cards, Diana takes the opportunity for a summer get-away away from the rat-race of Boston and the painful memories there.

She doesn’t expect to meet up with Ethan Tannock, the handsome neighbor next door who seems to be some sort of eccentric ghost-buster–along with his big, black Labrador Retriever.

But when the old house becomes the scene of vandalism and a number of break-ins, and it begins to appear as if Aunt Belinda’s death was not as it seemed, Diana finds that life isn’t always black and white and filled with logic.

And then there are Aunt Belinda’s Tarot cards…which seem to be trying to tell her something from beyond the grave.


GOOD NEWS! The Cards of Life And Death (Kindle version) is on sale for .99 cents until Sunday! This is the second book but I believe it can be read as a stand alone. I am warning you now that you will want to read more of her work.

And check her out as Joss Ware at I recommend starting with Beyond The Night and not stopping.

I’d like to thank Colleen for doing this super fast interview with me. I’m so sold on her work that I will give away a $10 gift card to Amazon to buy one of her books. All you have to do is leave a meaningful comment on this post. If you want to get an extra entry, just share this post on Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest. Then tell me in a separate comment with a link to the share. So you can get four entries. Contest ends Friday at midnight PST. I’ll announce the winner on Sunday’s Tarotscopes.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Redo, Revisit + Free Reading

JdV_4EmperorToday’s card is a do-over. See it’s 11:40pm Thursday night and I have to be at work at 7am tomorrow. So that means I have to write your daily post tonight.

This post is my Joy Seeker’s Spread. I’m feeling so happy tonight that I want to give away a reading today.

So, one person who shares this post via Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest will get a reading from me. Leave a comment telling me you shared it and you will be in the running. I’ll pick the winner and announce them on Saturday’s blog.

Points if you know why I chose the King of Pentacles Err, make that the Emperor, from the Joie de Vivre Tarot by US Games to use for this post.

Planning, Creating & Joy

She’s a joy seeking missile, y’all. You will hear me raving about this book more as I work through it. Let’s do it together! 😀 I love it so much that I will give away one combo pack to one of my newsletter subscribers. I’ll pull a name and announce it in my December newsletter. So if you aren’t a subscriber, you might wanna do that now. 😀

Today’s card is a reminder of how to make things happen. So often I’ve sat wondering why I didn’t get that pony or that iPad or that promotion. I’ve spent time whining and wheedling (see example: Pony). I’ve lost hours dreaming about what I could do (see example: iPad). I’ve been crazy cranky with jealousy about others (see example: promotion).

The thing I didn’t do was focus on what I do have and set goals to get what I wanted. Okay, so maybe the pony was a bit out of my area of control (hula hoop, babies), but the others? Those are within my control.

I have just downloaded and begun working through a workbook. It is called Create Your Incredible Year. There are four parts to it–the personal workbook, the personal calendar, the business workbook and the business calendar. You can get either the personal or the business or both. I got both. I’m a member of this site so I can take any class or download any product. Get yours here.

Best money I’ve spent on myself all year, y’all. I truly mean that. I’ve raved about Goddess Circle before. It’s brought me to a whole new level of joy seeking and helped me in my business as well.

But you don’t have to sign up for the whole circle if you don’t want to take advantage of all the classes and workbooks. If you only do one thing, I want you to go get your copy of Create Your Incredible Year so we can do it together, please. And it’s not just Law of Attraction stuff. Here’s a bit from the creatrix:
Is this just hippy dippy affirmations and law of attraction stuff?

Gosh no.

I’m as happy a hippy as the next. I love the Law of Attraction.

But I’m also a hippy that gets shit done. You also have to use the Law of Action.

It’s using both sides of your brain – right and left!

There are two parts in creation – dreaming + action.

To use the analogy of a garden –

there are two parts in creation. One is in the seed of an idea, and the other is in tending to it, and giving it energy. To make a dream come true, we need to use both those ethereal spiritual tools & the grounding practical ones too.

I just did the first part which is a reflection and then release of this year. I am super excited about this (can you tell?) and I want y’all to join me on this journey.

So, are you in? Are you ready to create your incredible year with me? Get yours here!

You don’t have to join the Goddess Circle (although I urge you to consider it). You can get both sets for $17.90 or either one for $9.95. It’s in PDF format so you can print or not print. And I love what Leonie says about printing in black and white.

“If you need it done cheaply, it’s always cheaper to do it in black + white if you need to – but look on the bright side! That means you’ll get to colour it in yourself! Woop woop!”

She’s a joy seeking missile, y’all. You will hear me raving about this book more as I work through it. Let’s do it together! 😀

Get yours here. Let me know when you have yours. We can set up a private group if you like to support one another. We’ll plant our ideas then grow them with one another.

It’s going to be an incredible year, y’all. Join Team JoySeekers!

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

P. to the S. I love it so much that I will give away one combo pack to one of my newsletter subscribers. I’ll pull a name and announce it in my December newsletter. So if you aren’t a subscriber, you might wanna do that now. 😀

Rebels, Chicks & Mystics

Today’s card is a book that I’m giving away. Crazy, right? I know! But this is a book by someone I’ve been following on Twitter. She writes a fun blog that focuses on positive things. Y’all know how much I like positive things, right!

So there’s a ton of good about this book. Here’s a bit from the official media stuff. Then I’ve got a favor to ask you so keep reading.

A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide: Healing Your Spirit With Positive Rebellion is a self-help book for brave, nonconformist women (or for those who aspire to be), written from the heart and soul of a spiritual rocker chick. Lifelong rebel Lisa Marie Selow leads you to uncover your true self, reveal your life purpose, and carve out your spiritual path. Her intention is to liberate women from allowing their inner good girl to run the show in their lives, freeing them up to rebel in a positive way. The main theme of Lisa’s book is what she calls positive rebellion. Rebels sometimes are seen as self-destructive, addicted, lonely, angry, quiet, mysterious, pessimistic, and without a purpose. Lisa’s approach, however, is quite different. With positive rebellion, you’re choosing to do things that are loving, supportive, or helpful for yourself or others (or both). Instead of rebelling against the idea of authority, you honor your own inner authority. You start to know your own personal truth that lives in your heart. Lisa is a practical modern mystic who walks her talk, only recommending growth work that she herself has done, encouraging you to start your journey from the premise that you already are perfect.

Now for my favor. I want you to click this link then like this book even if you don’t buy it. I think you should buy it. I know I’m going to put it under a few holiday trees this year. But you can help this brand new author (and I predict we will see more from her) by clicking like.

p.s. I’m giving a book away to one person in the comments (including those who comment on my Facebook post today). Bonus entry if you share this on your Facebook, Twitter it, Pinterest it. Leave your share link as an extra comment.

So, go forth and clickity and buy. Yes, this is the link. Are you clicking? C’mon, you know you wanna click! 😀

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Official Contest Joy Stuff: One entry per person. Bonus entries will be verifiable links to known Social Networks (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, etc). Book will be shipped from Amazon so any place Amazon ships works for me. Contest ends 12/1/2012 midnight PST. Winner announced 12/3/2012.

2012 September Tarotscopes

Welcome to September! There’s a podcast-only special this month. Have you been seeking joy? August was a bit bumpy for me. How about you? Shanaya won last month’s comment contest. 😀 Will you win this month’s? Just leave a comment to be in the running! This podcast is just over 19 minutes. Click here to listen to it or find it in iTunes by searching “Tarot By Arwen”.

December 2011 Tarotscopes

December has a lot of fire in it as well as five court cards. Lots of intentional choices going on as well.

It’s the first day of the last month of 2011. I’ve had an amazing journey this year and I am grateful to each of you who have listened to my monthly Tarotscopes. The fact that you share this with your friends and family touches me and brings me joy.

December has a lot of fire in it as well as five court cards. Lots of intentional choices going on as well. There are two monthly specials. The first is the Buy one get half off 6 Month Spread special and the second is the Buy one get half off Muse of Inspiration special. You can be in the running to win a free reading from me just by liking my Facebook page.

Happy holidays if you celebrate and happy life if you don’t.

Click here to listen. Seek joy, y’all!

Goddesses, Androids & Contests

Goddess Tarot App by Kris Waldherr
I love Kris Waldherr’s artwork and writing. She’s a multi-talented gal who constantly stretches her own boundaries. I was blown away by the Goddess Tarot for iPhone app. Now I’ve learned that she’s expanded out to the Android market as well. So I wanted to share this app with you again. AND, there’s a giveaway at the bottom. You can win this for yourself!

Here’s some comments from folks about that app. Continue reading “Goddesses, Androids & Contests”

Character Reading: Matt Lawrence

Today, I’m doing a reading for a Harlequin American Romance (TM) hero. Matt Lawrence takes a leading role in Barbara White Daille‘s sweet, contemporary romance Family Matters. I really enjoyed getting to know Matt and can’t wait to read his story. I think someone is leading him a merry chase.

From Barbara’s bio:

Originally from the East Coast, award-winning author Barbara White Daille now lives with her husband in the warm, sunny Southwest, where they love the dry heat and have taken up square dancing.

From the time she was a toddler, Barbara found herself fascinated by those things her mom called “books.” Once she learned the words between the covers held the magic of storytelling, she wanted to see her words in print so she could weave that spell for others.

Now let’s visit with Matt to find out what he thinks of his reading. Continue reading “Character Reading: Matt Lawrence”

Character Reading: Elise Sutton

Being a magical healer is a gift that I don’t take lightly. As an empath, it’s hard not to feel compassion for the damaged souls around me, and it was a hard lesson to learn that I can’t fix everything for everyone.

Author Cindy Spencer Pape is celebrating her upcoming release Motor City Witch from Carina Press. Her heroine, Elise Mei-Xing Sutton wanted a reading. I was happy to oblige. In return, Cindy Spencer Pape has offered a free download of one of her books to one of you. Check the contest details at the end of this reading.

From Cindy’s bio, we learn

Cindy has been, among other things, a banker, a teacher, an elected politician, but mostly an environmental educator.

You can visit her on the web to see what other offerings she has for you as well. Now let’s see what is going on with Elise. Continue reading “Character Reading: Elise Sutton”


Art Of The Lie, by Delphine DrydenToday, I do a reading for Delphine Dryden‘s contemporary hero, Richard. Richard and Lindy are her characters from her Truth And Lies series. These contemporary erotic romances will tickle your fancy. Make sure you look for The Art Of The Lie available now from Ellora’s Cave.

From her bio:

After earning two graduate degrees, practicing law awhile, and then working for the public school system for over ten years, Delphine finally got a clue. She tossed all that aside and started doing what she should have been doing all along, writing novels! In hindsight she could see the decision was a no-brainer. Because which sounds like more fun? Being a lawyer/special educator/reading specialist/educational diagnostician…or Continue reading “CHARACTER READING: Richard”