Tarotscopes for April 19- April 25, 2015

Vanessa Tarot Wheel of Fortune
Vanessa Tarot

Welcome to this week’s Tarotscopes. I love doing these for you. They are free! If you want to tip me, just share this post somewhere. That’s all the appreciation I need. Knowing you loved them enough to share them with your friends? Priceless.

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Tired of being sad? Done with all the negativity in this world? Let’s work together to bring you back to the joy path. No time like the present to get started on your own joy seeker’s life. I’m ready to help. What’s holding you back?

Do you like Regency historicals? What about paranormals? This book is really good. I bought it when it first came out. Just saw that it’s free on  Amazon (at least today 4/19/2015). Enjoy!

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VanessaTarot_5SwordsCARD OF THE WEEK: [inlinetweet prefix=”CotW” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Just a lot of edginess going on so let’s treat each other with kindness first.[/inlinetweet]Might not be the best week to engage with those people who continually tick you off. You might give them that piece of your mind that will end the relationship. If you need then in your life for good reason, please avoid them this week. Five of Swords

AQUARIUS [inlinetweet prefix=”AQUARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Sparkle time for you. If they insist on focusing on you, you might as well [/inlinetweet]shine, right? Watch your levels of defensiveness though. Fences you build this week may need gates next week. Save yourself some time before you wall yourself in. Remember, sparkle rather than shatter. You can do this. Nine of Wands

PISCES [inlinetweet prefix=”PISCES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Finally you are rewarded for good behaviour. Accept the accolades with [/inlinetweet]sincerity. Don’t forget that you must look to the future still. Yes, you’ve done really well, but please continue planning for your other stellar successes. It’s a good week for you, darling. Nine of Coins

ARIES [inlinetweet prefix=”ARIES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Looking for your happily ever after? I think it might be [/inlinetweet]staring you in the face. Hug those closest to you. When you realize that your perfect family/community is right where you are, happiness takes over. Indulge in meals with those you love. Call the family you don’t see every day. Reconnecting with your happiness takes work but it’s right there where you are. Ten of Cups

TAURUS [inlinetweet prefix=”TAURUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Your passion may take over this week. Don’t worry if you suddenly give in to [/inlinetweet]an urge to create. Getting fired up creatively is such a good thing, darling. Carpe idea! When you grab that idea as hard as it grabs you, it’s a beautiful thing. Let your loves know you are creating. They will understand. Ace of Wands

GEMINI [inlinetweet prefix=”GEMINI” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Your future is so bright you ought to be wearing shades, precious. Seriously [/inlinetweet]who doesn’t want a piece of your action this week? Remember that you must rule your passion to win. Don’t believe all the hype coming your way. You know your own worth. Select those friends who offer you honesty over flattery. Then show the world your amazing self. King of WandsVanessaTarot_6Lovers

CANCER [inlinetweet prefix=”CANCER” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Here comes the…well you know. But remember that sometimes your best lover [/inlinetweet]is the one you see in the mirror. Life’s lesson this week is going to be about loving yourself. Stop being so damned critical all the time. It isn’t good for plants, animals, kids or you. Lift yourself up with praise. Lovers

LEO [inlinetweet prefix=”LEO” tweeter=”@Tarotscopes” suffix=”..more #tarot”]Go on. Jump. You will land not just on your feet but with a show-stopping [/inlinetweet]rebel yell. This week is about you plunging into things that call you. Your fire is stoked so do take on that scary project. And maybe book yourself a flight somewhere you’ve never been. How’s the weather in Bali this time of year? Knight of Wands

VIRGO [inlinetweet prefix=”VIRGO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Are you in a place that doesn’t make you happy? If the walls are dark and gloomy, it’s time [/inlinetweet]to paint them a brighter color. That’s real walls and metaphysical ones too. Maybe a change of scenery would do you and them a world of good. At least plan your next trip so you have something to look forward to, okay? Six of Swords

LIBRA [inlinetweet prefix=”LIBRA” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Ennui, cher? C’est la vie! You are the one who needs to cheer yourself up. [/inlinetweet]That’s the job of your friends/family/loves. They will help you only if you reach out to them, okay? And if this is a pattern, maybe you need to consider paying for the time of a professional, oui? Best remedy for the blues is to engage in life. Fill your cup up with something sweet. Four of Cups

SCORPIO [inlinetweet prefix=”SCORPIO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Drink deeply, darling. Others are looking to you for guidance in matters [/inlinetweet]the heart and of the soul. Expect others to divulge secrets. You are a vault but some of these secrets may need to be shared to help them. Judge wisely and with compassion. This will be a trying week for you in matters of the heart because you may be reminded of your own secrets. King of Cups

VanessaTarot_14CupsSAGITTARIUS [inlinetweet prefix=”SAGITTARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Being generous is a two-way street. When you give, you grow, it’s true, but [/inlinetweet]when you accept you also grow. Don’t deny someone’s authentic attempt to help. Don’t be stingy with your thanks, Archer. It lessens you when you dismiss other’s gifts. Be strong enough to say, “Thank you. I needed that.” Six of Coins

CAPRICORN [inlinetweet prefix=”CAPRICORN” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”… more #tarot”]Whoa! Heads up, Cappies. I don’t want you to miss this when it happens. It’s [/inlinetweet]going to be one of those passing opportunities. Be ready to stick your hand up in the air when they ask for volunteers. Your participation in this project could be one of the luckiest things this year. Wheel of Fortune

Remember to seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

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Vampires, Generosity + Writing

Learning about receiving from the act of giving.

Gaian Tarot Six of Earth
Gaian Tarot

#affirmation I’d like to chat with you today about generosity. It’s a concept that many of us are very comfortable with—from one side. It’s hard to be on the other side though. And that’s what this card, the Six of Coins is about.

There are many ways that this card is portrayed. One of my personal favorites is this one from Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot (OOP/hard to find). You can, I think, still get limited edition copies from Joanna at http://www.gaiantarot.com.

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We are all in the know on how to be kind to others. How to be generous of self, spirit, time and even money. It is a definite feel-good to help another out. Think about how much joy you get from saving an animal or helping a friend or stranger.

Now put yourself in the position of that friend or even that stranger. Imagine what it must have taken to ask or just to stand there silently on a corner waiting for someone to roll a window down and hand you a quarter.

Could you smile and say thank you?

In my life as a writer, I’ve been showered with so much generosity. So many authors who have taught free or discounted courses. Who have volunteered their time at conferences to lead workshops. Who have answered questions on writers email lists without ever expecting to be paid or compensated in any way.

One of those is Colleen Gleason. I first read her book “And The Rest Falls Away” when it came out. I didn’t know her then. I simply saw a gorgeous cover with an evocative title. When I read it was a vampire novel set in Regency England? Oh yeah, had to have it.

And it was that good.

RestFallsAway99Grab your own copy at just .99 for your Kindle.

The book turns a lot of “romance musts” on their ears so be prepared.

Colleen also has a Facebook discussion group for Gardella fans.

I wanted to say thank you to Colleen who, as a New York Times Bestselling author, doesn’t have to say boo to those of us not in that hallowed membership. She’s always been truly gracious, not to mention fricking funny. I guess you can say I’m a fan–grrrl. 😀

Just know that the book is only on sale a few days this week so don’t delay. You know your Kindle wants it.

Today’s affirmation:

I accept what is given to me. I honor both the giver and the gift. I remember that sharing what I have is an honor. I am blessed beyond measure. I give thanks for the pleasure of being alive. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Six of Earth, Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert

The Cards of Life and Death

cardsgleasonWhat would you do if you could ask a writer questions and have them answered? I was so lucky to have Colleen Gleason (international best selling author) do just that. I found out about a book she wrote called The Cards of Life and Death. I happened to know Colleen through a writing association (RWA is an invaluable asset) so I sent her a quick tweet that her book had popped up on a Tarot discussion. Then I asked if she would do an interview. Man, is she fast. It’s like she a professional writer or something.

Oh wait. She is. Not only does she write as Colleen Gleason, she also writes as Joss Ware. This woman is a talented storyteller and you would be doing yourself a favor to read her books. I read my first Gleason novel, The Rest Falls Away, after getting a signed copy at an RWA event a few years back. WOW. Regency vampires with a real twist that took my breath away. And she is multifaceted as well. But let me stop raving about Colleen and let you hear from her yourself.

1. Do you read tarot yourself?

Colleen: I have read books about Tarot and have always been fascinated by it, but I don’t really read cards. I find the entire concept fascinating, though, and I believe that a person who understands the elements of each card can open his or her mind and truly find guidance.

Thought I don’t read Tarot, I do use Oracle cards for daily guidance and affirmation. I think it’s because they are simpler for me to understand. 😉

2. Why use tarot in this story?

Colleen: As I mentioned, I’ve always found Tarot fascinating, and I believe there is some truth to it. But the core of the story came when I learned that cards should be wrapped in black, and protected from other people using them. It got me to wondering what would happen to a deck of Tarot after its owner died…and what if that owner wanted to send a message. Thus I came up with the idea of a “haunted” deck of Tarot, where the ghost/spirit of the owner (or even the cards themselves) are trying to send a message to a young woman who is filled black and white logic and doesn’t believe in psychic messages.

3. Do you have a deck you prefer?

Colleen: I own the Angels Tarot which I think is beautiful, and I used the the Rider-Waite deck images to describe the cards in my book The Cards of Life and Death. I’d like to get a steampunk Tarot deck because I’m sure it would be lovely.

4. Have you ever used tarot to help plot a story or create a character?

Colleen: I’ve tried! I started a class that was for writers who wanted to use the Tarot for this purpose. But I didn’t have time to finish the class, and sort of let it go.

I’m sure I will again some time, because I feel that the Tarot can help to open your mind to the subconscious–and I wholly believe that all my stories area already planted and flourishing in my subconscious….I just have to find them.

5. What surprised you the most about writing this story?

Colleen: How well the cards fit in with the story itself; how well the cards could represent what was happening to the main character Diana. It was effortless for me to figure out how the cards, which were giving her messages she tried to ignore, could fit in and represent character development. I really enjoyed using that element, and I hope that Tarot readers enjoy the story–and that I didn’t make any glaring mistakes! 😉

Here’s a bit about this terrific story from Colleen Gleason.

The Cards of Life and Death

A small-town summer romance spiced up with moonlit boat rides, handsome neighbors, and a haunted deck of Tarot cards….

Diana Iverson is a sharp, up and coming malpractice attorney with a logical, scientific mind and a handsome fiance–until the rug is pulled out from under her feet and her life is upended.

When her crazy Aunt Belinda dies, leaving her a big old house in Maine along with a box of Tarot cards, Diana takes the opportunity for a summer get-away away from the rat-race of Boston and the painful memories there.

She doesn’t expect to meet up with Ethan Tannock, the handsome neighbor next door who seems to be some sort of eccentric ghost-buster–along with his big, black Labrador Retriever.

But when the old house becomes the scene of vandalism and a number of break-ins, and it begins to appear as if Aunt Belinda’s death was not as it seemed, Diana finds that life isn’t always black and white and filled with logic.

And then there are Aunt Belinda’s Tarot cards…which seem to be trying to tell her something from beyond the grave.


GOOD NEWS! The Cards of Life And Death (Kindle version) is on sale for .99 cents until Sunday! This is the second book but I believe it can be read as a stand alone. I am warning you now that you will want to read more of her work.

And check her out as Joss Ware at http://www.joss-ware.com. I recommend starting with Beyond The Night and not stopping.

I’d like to thank Colleen for doing this super fast interview with me. I’m so sold on her work that I will give away a $10 gift card to Amazon to buy one of her books. All you have to do is leave a meaningful comment on this post. If you want to get an extra entry, just share this post on Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest. Then tell me in a separate comment with a link to the share. So you can get four entries. Contest ends Friday at midnight PST. I’ll announce the winner on Sunday’s Tarotscopes.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!