Digging Ditches

Sometimes we need to dig ditches to attract what we want

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Chinese Tarot Ace of Cups
Chinese Tarot

#affirmation One of my long-time loves is China. Japan and other areas of Asia, too, but China seems to be a forgotten memory to me. As a child I read many of Pearl S. Buck‘s books. They made me feel as if I was rereading my own story. I can’t describe it any better than that.

The Good Earth trilogy, Pavilion of Women and my favorite, Imperial Woman: The Last Empress all transported me to a place that was so familiar. My mother told me she thought I should have been born Chinese. That was because my favorite food (for breakfast!) was rice with soy sauce.

Here is the lovely Ace of Cups from the Chinese Tarot. It’s recently been reprinted by U.S. Games. I love how she holds the bowl. It looks as if she is addressing it before she drinks it.

Perhaps she is engaging in a morning gratitude giving thanks for what she has.

And for what she is about to receive.

That line should be familiar to anyone with a Christian upbringing (and maybe other faiths as well?)

Are you in a habit of giving thanks for what you haven’t gotten yet? Seems silly to some, but think about it like this.

Giving thanks for what we are about to receive is opening up channels. We are actively engaging in digging ditches for joy, prosperity, and love to flow our way.

Today’s affirmation embraces that idea.

Today I give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way. I am open to the infinite beauty that surrounds me. I dance along the path of abundance. I am available for joy. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Ace of Cups, Chinese Tarot, U.S. Games

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How Do You Celebrate?

CH78_72Today’s card is a reminder to appreciate what I have while I work for what I want. Yes, want. Not need. I actually have what I need. Shelter, food, transportation, income. 😀 But there are things that I want (new Tarot decks for instance) that I need to work towards.

Do you set yourself easy or hard goals? For me, they have to be a mixture of easy, medium and hard. I can’t do all hard because then I get so discouraged. Instead I mix it up and celebrate all of them.

Yep, I celebrate the easy as happily as the hard. Another one of my Joy Seeker secrets. Make each moment count. So getting out of bed? WHOOOO HOOO. 😀

What’s your goal list look like? Do you keep one on paper? In your head? I need to revisit mine that I started in my 2013 Create Your Incredible Life workbook[aff]. I also need to get back to that. LOL

Don’t worry if you haven’t hit those goals you set. Look at the steps to the goals and count them as successes. Life, for me, isn’t about beating myself up so much as cheering myself on.

Seek joy y’all! Pass it on.

9 of Coins, Chinese Tarot, U.S. Games (did you hear the good news? It’s going to be available again!)

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Tarotscopes for April 14- April 20, 2013

Welcome to this week’s Tarotscopes. Before we get started, I wanted to ask you to do me a favor. A dear friend is trying to raise money to get his glass studio going. He’s incredibly talented. And, he isn’t just asking for money for nothing. You get something in return. Go here.

When you sign up and choose your level, you are agreeing to pay him ONLY if this project gets funded. His work is lovely. I’ve already signed up. Even if you can’t, please share the link with your friends to help spread the word. Thanks, y’all! I really appreciate it. Here’s that link again! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/holdenbecker/how-to-make-an-american-quilt-from-glass

Now let’s take a look at this week’s tarotscopes!

  • AQUARIUS Devil Look out. Challenges for you this week come in the form of physical pleasures. Deny yourself all but a choice few. Mind over body!
  • PISCES Judgment Wisdom comes from experience. Try not to make your experience of the painful variety. Remember what you already know.
  • ARIES Knight of Coins Feeling a bit fat & happy? Money & job are highlighted to the good this week. Moving slower than you like? The tortoise wins.
  • TAURUS Queen of Staves (Wands) Others seek your wisdom. Show them the way. Share knowledge. Celebrate your place. Please don’t overdo. AGAIN!
  • GEMINI Wheel What goes around, comes around. Make sure you are putting out the energy you want back. Gossip bites you on the ass so hush.
  • CANCER Page of Swords Check mental paths. Are you going down that childish one again? Time to lose some of those old addictive thoughts.
  • LEO Three of Staves (Wands) Multi-tasking is a must. Pick up a new project while waiting for info back on others. No time to stop. Forward motion!
  • VIRGO King of Coins Money? You actually have more abundance than you realize. Stop. What can be sold? What takes up space? Time to shed to grow.
  • LIBRA Six of Cups May need to juggle some emotional issues. Focus on what is real. Let go of past hurt, past insult. This is a week for now.
  • SCORPIO Universe All of it. You can have all of it. Mercy & forgiveness are key this week. When they come to you, be more. Expand your world.
  • SAGITTARIUS High Priestess Don’t give your secrets away. Hold on to precious things. They can come to you this week. Wisdom seeking? Look within first.
  • CAPRICORN Ace of Swords Let your thoughts fly. Don’t harness them yet. Don’t edit. Don’t criticize. Just let them fly. Do write them down!

Don’t forget to listen to this month’s Tarotscopes podcast. It’s free. If you are already subscribed, I’d love it if you would review it on iTunes! 😀

This week’s deck is the incredible Chinese Tarot. It’s being reprinted this year and I am so excited!

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Who Will You Nurture?

The curtain is drawn back slightly to show the wall behind. I see this as an allegory for the softness of a woman’s outer self but the sheer mass of her internal “no, I am not a pushover.”

Chinese_3EmpresssmToday’s card is from an older deck that I truly love. It’s being re-released this year which makes me happy. This card reminds me that it is okay to pamper myself. It is okay to choose to live in beauty. I am to remind myself that I live in abundance.

Here the lovely Empress from the Chinese Tarot by Jui Guoliang (U.S. Games 1988) strikes a classic pose to indicate the fragility and strength of a woman. She holds a lotus blossom for enlightenment while her head is decorated in an Imperial style. I believe that the headpiece is a dragon for luck.

The curtain is drawn back slightly to show the wall behind. I see this as an allegory for the softness of a woman’s outer self but the sheer mass of her internal “no, I am not a pushover.”

I’ve long been fascinated with ancient Chinese history. Well any of the Asian cultures but China most of all. I devoured the Pearl S. Buck books. Weirdly, they felt familiar to me when I read them. Past life? I don’t know. Perhaps.

What I do know is that the bird on the curtain is the Chinese Golden Pheasant which is representative of the phoenix.

Take this woman down if you will.
Destroy her.
Strip her of everything she has.


It’s that simple. Nothing can keep you down. You are strong even if you feel fragile. Nurture yourself. Pamper yourself. Surround yourself with beauty. Invite only loving, supportive friends to your world. (Remember that sometimes love and support comes in the form of a gentle boot to the butt.)

Just for today, make three minutes about pampering you. Can you commit to 180 seconds of nurturing you? What will that look like?

You may know that I am in a contest. I don’t know where I stand. I was in 4th place last time I looked. I want to win this.

So, I am offering you a free reading if you buy this workbook by 12pm Pacific Standard tonight. Here are the details.

Empress, Chinese Tarot, US Games

Seek Joy, Y’all! Pass it on.

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