Reduce, Recycle & Reuse

This card frustrates me because I’m a writer, dammit. How on earth does this answer where should I stop directing my energy? If I am to support greater personal sustainability, shouldn’t I keep working on myself? What the hell, Universe?

Today I am sharing a reading done using a spread created by fellow Tarot consultant, Carolyn Cushing and her partner John Laux. I had chosen this spread as the Spread of the Month for the Gaian Tarot community I am part of.

What I didn’t know is that John crossed the Veil the day I did this reading for myself. I’m very sad for Carolyn’s loss. I held off on posting this because of that loss.

This spread is an amazing one. It shows an amazing understanding of how Tarot can be used to really dig into yourself.

The original spread can be found here.

I hope you will try this one as well.

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse: A Layout  for Personal Sustainability


#1: Where should I stop directing my energy in order to support greater personal sustainability? 3 of Air

I need to stop being so focused on getting all the details right. I need to let go of fears of pain based on past experiences. I may be over focused on analyzing every little piece of why I do what I do.

This card frustrates me because I’m a writer, dammit. How on earth does this answer where should I stop directing my energy? If I am to support greater personal sustainability, shouldn’t I keep working on myself? What the hell, Universe?

I think my bottom line is that I fear that this card is saying stop writing but maybe it is actually asking me to think about what I write about.

Oh. Sorry Universe. I think I may have knee-jerked on this one. Let’s move on to the next card.

#2: How can I make this change in how I direct my energy? Ace of Fire

This is so visually opposite the 3 of Air. In the first that I need to stop, I am focused on the page in front of me. Here I am being told to slither out of my shell–to focus outward.

Hey ho, Universe. I think I get this. Stop being so focus on my navel and focus on my nose instead.


#3: What energy is already available to me to draw upon for greater effectiveness? Lovers

Loving myself. Loving friends. Loving partner. I have love to draw on to succeed. Little I can add to that one.

#4: How can I access this energy? 10 of Earth

Community and commitment to the journey. That what falls renews in new ways. I can continue on my path understanding that what is behind me is not lost. It is not mine to worry over any more but it is not lost. I have a companion on this path so I must continue that momentum forward. Slow and steady is the key.


#5: How can I shift my energy use into a different form to open up new possibilities in my life? Canoe

Ah…I need to drive myself more. I need to control my momentum so I am heading the right way. This card always makes me remember that I can’t let others drive for me. I can let them help. I can ask for directions. But in the long run, I am responsible for where my life goes.

#6: What / who can help me make this shift? 2 of Cups

Interesting that this card is, for me, the mini-lovers. It is the personal aspect of love where the Lovers (as seen in the Reuse section) is the spiritual aspect. This is about physical connections. I see this as a reminder that face-to-face is where it is at.

If I do the Quintessence of this reading I get 2+7+10+6+1+3=29=11 which is Justice. Balance. I had several balance reminders in this spread, didn’t I? Lovers as well as the 2 of Cups. And isn’t it interesting that this Justice represents protecting what is endangered. There’s more to think about there. More to chew on…maybe even gnaw on.

The Quintessence is an idea I learned from Mary K. Greer’s work.

Justice, Gaian Tarot, Llewellyn, 2011

Seek Joy, Y’all. Pass it on.

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