Rainbows, Goddesses + Loss

Rainbows, Goddesses + Loss….what do you think of that?

Last week on the 2nd, I shared the Five of Earth from the Dark Goddess Tarot (Ellen Lorenzi-Price). Part of that sharing was two questions.

I drew two cards from a different deck to answer the questions.
Qustion One: “What am I doing to foster my feelings of lack and loss?”

Using the Rainbow Travellers Tarot (Carmen Waterman), the first card I drew is the Ten of Swords. Ouch, RTT. Not going to be gentle with me are you? FINE!

There aren’t many places that I do feel lack and loss but in one area? Oh yeah. And I foster that feeling by playing the poor me routine. I don’t go out when I could. And then when I can’t, I whine about never going out. LOL I set up my own self-fulfilling prophecy you see.

Question Two: “How can I reroute that thinking into positive avenues of change?”

And the really fabulous Seven of Wands shows up. She is dressed to be seen, be noticed, have some “out there” time.

And could these cards be more visually different? One is almost below ground with the tall weeds or grass out the window. The other is way up in the clouds.

So to get out, I need to get out. LOL

I KNEW that! Phhhhbbbt!

Yes, this is a very good example of the Tarot pointing out something I already knew. People who have Tarot conversations with me can corroborate that. I tell you what you already knew–most folks say it is confirming.

I like that. Do you want to have a confirming Tarot conversation with me? Use the Get A reading button to contact me. Let’s set it up.

Of course, not when I have “out time” scheduled. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Rainbow Travellers Tarot, Carmen Waterman, self-published

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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Do You Awfulize?

RainbowTraveller_8SwordsToday’s card reminds me that sometimes I have to let go of my sword. That’s a bit scary when you are used to protecting yourself for whatever reason. And, I think, the majority of us have very good reasons for wielding our swords. We have years and years of experiences that have taught us to have it at the ready.

But in this Eight of Swords from Carmen Waterman’s Rainbow Travellers Tarot, we see a woman lost in a snowstorm. Let’s say that’s a metaphor for being unable to see something clearly. She’s been carrying a torch and a sword. The torch is to see her way. The sword is to protect herself.

She’s dropped the sword in my story. She’s had to let go of it so she can focus on seeing what needs to be seen. Perhaps she realizes that she needs to get real about getting out of the snowstorm. Maybe it’s become more important to her to move forward than to stand there waiting to defend herself.

My darling honey asked me last week if I thought I tended to “awfulize.” He works in a field where he reads a lot of books on a lot of things. This was in one of his books. The idea is that you dread something so much, that you build up tension in your body which manifests as pain.

I had to admit that I do. (He does as well but he was more than willing to say that. ๐Ÿ˜€ )

Do you?

Do you build up in your head the very worst scenario possible? Cast the other players as villains or enemies of your state? Do you run through conversations in your head where you fight with them or argue your point that you know they will hate?

Then get there to find out how wrong you were? Or that you didn’t prepare for the right thing?

What if we approached 90% of events as just events? Not opportunities for failure, defeat, embarrassment. How different would life be?

If I, as a tech support person, didn’t assume that everyone was out to get something for nothing or that everyone wasn’t pissed off at me personally, how much less stressful would my job be?

If I, as a person who needs tech support, didn’t assume everyone was out to rip me off or that everyone saw me as too stupid to live, how much less stressful would my support call be?

Your journal prompt for today is, “What do I tend to awfulize the most?”

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Eight of Swords, Rainbow Travellers Tarot, Carmen Waterman

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Tarotscopes for July 7-July 13, 2013

  • AQUARIUS SEVEN OF SWORDS When you tell your best thoughts, someone else may act on them. Silence is best just now. Don’t steal from others either.
  • PISCES Letting Go (HANGED MAN) Feeling stuck? Feeling trapped? Let go. Just let go. Why do you hold on to the anchors still? LET THEM GO.
  • ARIES EIGHT OF PENTACLES Learn something new. Teach something old. Physical movement best. Yoga? Qi Gong? Tapping your toes? Connect to the body.

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  • TAURUS TWO OF SWORDS Decision has to be made, yes, but it must also be KEPT. Mental clarity should be followed by dedication to action NOW.
  • GEMINI SIX OF CUPS Old friends, old dreams, old loves–good time to reminisce (or revisit old lessons). Don’t be locked into past though.
  • CANCER SIX OF WANDS Suit up. you can win but it will take intense focus. Narrow your scope. Celebrate AFTER. Early cheers will give u away.
Click for larger
Click for larger

Today’s deck is the Rainbow Travellers Tarot by Carmen Waterman. Digitally rendered art that really speaks to me.

  • LEO NINE OF PENTACLES Good wk to review your bounty. Focus on what’s at hand rather than what hasn’t arrived. you’ve done good, kid.
  • VIR SEVEN OF PENTACLES Big goals need solid plans. Each piece needs to be addressed. Start now for huge success. Hard work really will pay off.
  • LIBRA HEALER CUPS (Q) Offer what you have. If they take it/don’t take it, good. you made the offer. That’s all you can do. Healing is on them.

Love Fairy tales? Love Tarot? Me too!

  • SCORPIO ACE OF PENTACLES Power up, baby. New job? New business? New start! Take the podium. Speak up. Make things happen. you have the power.
  • SAGITTARIUS FIVE OF WANDS Competition isn’t always bad. Check to see if your biggest competitor is you. Are you your own detractor? KNOCK IT OFF. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • CAPRICORN FOUR OF PENTACLES Being over-focused on where $ comes from stops your flow. When you face the source, you get in the way. $ needs to move to grow.

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Tarotscopes 6-16/6-20-13

These tarotscopes are for Sunday June 16 through Saturday June 22, 2013.

Have a great week and remember!

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

  • AQUARIUS Ten of Pentacles Money needed is easily found. Give thanks for what you have. Blessing abundance creates room for more. Don’t fret.
  • PISCES World Something big is at hand. That scary leap you took? It’s going to pay off. The world at your fingertips. Palm open. Receive well.
  • ARIES Four of Cups Don’t let bitterness fill your cup. Allow joy. Understand what’s gone only makes room for what you truly need. Stay open.
  • TAURUS Seven of Cups Let yourself dream. It’s ok. Your heart can show you a new way of being. Good week to let go of some control issues. Yeah you.
  • GEMINI Three of Swords Decisions can seem painful. Sometimes you have to cut away what doesn’t work. Sometimes you have to have that done for you.
  • CANCER Three of Wands You’ve done the work. Where’s the reward? Sometimes it doesn’t come on your schedule. So go get it. No sense waiting.
  • LEO Mentor(King) of Cups Master your emotions. That will take you further than any other. Find someone who already does this. Ask them to teach you.
  • VIRGO Hermit To follow your goal, you need to strip away the extras. Get focused on your journey. Going inward serves best. Time to study.
  • LIBRA Protector(Knight) of Pentacles Money comes. Be patient. Don’t spend fast. Your skills are worth it so don’t undersell yourself. Focus on the forward path.
  • SCORPIO Hierophant Key to knowledge is following the rules. Stay within the lines *for now*. Spiritual teacher is available. Ask them.
  • SAGITTARIUS Nine of Wands Your passion may be called into question. Show them how you can put your personal fire to use to generate results. Flame on.
  • CAPRICORN Four of Wands Everyone wants a piece of you. You just need peace. Retreat for a bit so you can rejuvenate. Inner fire may need more wood.

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Cards are from The Rainbow Traveller Tarot by Carmen Waterman.

Tarotscopes 5/12-5/18/2013

Enjoy this week’s Tarotscopes.

    • AQUARIUS Strength Sometimes saying no is true strength. Don’t overindulge. Say no to what tears down your hard work. Don’t stop striving.
    • PISCES Eight of Cups Old hurts aren’t now. Past self beliefs aren’t now. Leave the past Join the present. Changes made now are for future self.
    • ARIES Protector (Knight) Of Wands Fire up your inner knight. Seize the opportunity to right a wrong. Put your passion into seeking justice. You are in the right.
    • TAURUS Muse (Page) of Pentacles Create your joy. Manufacture your bliss. Not finding happiness at the job? Start something new. Seek new community.
    • GEMINI Ace of Cups Open up to possibilities. Expect happiness. Expect love. You are fully deserving of this. Tell yourself so.
    • CANCER Lovers Sometimes love happens unexpectedly. Don’t reject the person in the mirror. Make them most important. Love will find you.


  • LEO Three of Cups Fill your cup up by hanging with folks who GET you. Don’t waste time with those you have to explain yourself too. Party on, dude.
  • VIRGO Three of Pentacles Celebrate your creativity. Make plans to build things, put together projects. Great week for letting your hands do the work.
  • LIBRA Traveller (Fool) Don’t limit your direction. Spirals are perfectly acceptable paths. Consider a labyrinth. In you go. Out you come.
  • SCORPIO Hierophant Key to knowledge? You hold that. Your inner library has all the answers. Stop breaking your own rules, please.
  • SAGITTARIUS Five of Pentacles Feel trapped? Feel like you can’t fly? Stop looking at the locked door. Open a window instead. Time to free your mind.
  • CAPRICORN Five of Wands your light isn’t diminished by another. Stop competing with them. Take the wind out of their sails by not competing.

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November 2012 Tarotscopes

Join professional Austin psychic, Arwen Lynch for a free podcast for your horoscope for November 2012.

This month I’m using Carmen Waterman’s gorgeous self-published Rainbow Travelers Tarot to read for you. This month shows us some interesting things to do including dressing up and showing off. Who got that card, I wonder?

I also announce the winner for the October comments and tease you with a discount only the Newsletter folks get (but I tell you how you can get in on the deal yourself.)

So what are you waiting for? Listen and let me know what you think. Did you listen to last month’s? Would you miss these if I stopped doing them?

Let me know.

Oh the scan of this card is intentionally not great so as to discourage absconding with Carmen’s work. ๐Ÿ˜€ Trust me, it’s gorgeous. I’ll do a video review as soon as I get my nails done.

WHAT? Yes, I’m vain. LOL

Oh, the Tarotscopes? Scoot to the bottom of the page…all the way down and you will see the Podcast Widget in the middle. Click on November 2012 and enjoy. Don’t forget to let me know about those questions I asked.

Tarotscopes 10/21 – 10/27

    Thanks for sharing these. I love hearing how your week went as well.

  • AQUARIUS Tired of walking that tightrope? Let go. Fall. Enjoy WHOOSHING noise. Yr balance may be off this wk. Learn to walk differently.
  • PISCES Feeling trapped is NOT the same as being trapped. Wings cramped because U chose that confinement. Adjust or unchoose. Yr choice.
  • ARIES Focus on external needs over internal. Reviewing past does nothing for future necessities. U need to review what U really need.
  • TAURUS Sometimes U have to go to battle. Just make sure U are completely committed to the outcome. Don’t take on what isn’t yours.
  • GEMINI Work on U. Focus on u. Draw up plans for who U want to be. Sweat equity pays big time this wk. Focus on the person in mirror.
  • CANCER Choices? Pick the scary one. Open the door U aren’t as sure about. Take that less-traveled rollercoaster ride. U’ll be fine.
  • LEO The art of keeping a secret doesn’t come easily. Hold on to the ones U have. Oversharing is not advised. Trust intuition.
  • VIRGO Turn to the one who can help you focus yr thoughts. Don’t be scattered this wk. Get serious about yr dreams for the future.
  • LIBRA Hard work brings success. Harvest what needs harvesting but save for the future. Big dreams take focus. U have it. Use it.
  • SCORPIO Watch your money this wk. Make sure U pay bills. The more U put away, the better. Saving for a rainy day may not be fun but…!
  • SAGITTARIUS When dreaming of what U want, don’t forget what U have. Filling cups U already hold is easier than getting new ones.
  • CAPRICORN Some celebrations can be casual. Relaxing w/ friends brings renewal. Lift a cup or 2 to celebrate what brings U together. Enjoy.

I used the lovely Rainbow Travellers Tarot by Carmen Waterman for today’s Tarotscopes.

Spirits, Dead People & Crazy

The moments in my life where I channeled someone’s dead relative have always startled me. But I’ve also come to know that I can’t not be the messenger. Who am I to judge what Spirit sends me?

Today’s card is an unusual take on the Page category. In this self-published deck, the artist renames her Courts. The Pages become Muses. Here we see a nod to the woman in the moon image. But this one, for me, seems active. She isn’t going to stay on that moon for long. She’s got a sword to take up. There’s action that needs to happen.

Pages are often the card for messages. Rather than taking a message, it looks to me like our Muse of Swords is having a message brought to her. Perhaps she is simply the go-between.

I often feel like that. As though the messages I bring to my clients were coming from something Other. I’ve called that Other many things finally landing on Universe as the best word to encompass what that is.

Another reader and I swapped readings. She told me that I was being called to be more open about my connection with Spirit. I told her that scared the poop out of me. I have been doing this work since 1980 when I first picked up the cards for real (I had a brief flirtation with divination tools when I was 11). I’m 51 now.

The moments in my life where I channeled someone’s dead relative have always startled me. But I’ve also come to know that I can’t not be the messenger. Who am I to judge what Spirit sends me?

My first incident of mediumship was pretty spontaneous. I was doing a phone reading (yes, I used to be a 1-900 psychic). The deep past showed Chariot Reversed. I blurted out that she’d lost someone in a car wreck on a mountain road early in the morning. He wanted her to know….

And she started to cry when I gave her the message. But it didn’t stop there. I described him along with her front room and patio area to her. I told her he had two messages. The one I didn’t understand was “Don’t move the big pots.”

Then she started laughing while she continued to cry. She told me that’s when she knew I was real. And she told me why.

Since then, I’ve lost track of the times I’ve gotten messages from the Other Side. It’s humbling really as much as it is scary. I mean, really, seeing people who aren’t there is the stuff they make movies out of. I really do see dead people–just not as often as the Ghost Whisperer.

But what about you? Do you get messages that you are supposed to pass along? Do you ignore them because you think you might be thought bonkers?

Yeah, I get it. It’s not easy. But think of the joy you will bring to that one person the message was meant for. Isn’t that worth it?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Muse of Swords, Rainbow Traveller, Carmen Waterman, 2012

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