Krysten Barnes’ Candle Spread

Continuing on with my exploration of the spreads shared in our Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop, here is Krysten Barnes‘s offering. I used the Mary-El Tarot for this spread as part of my exploration of this, dare I say it, Continue reading “Krysten Barnes’ Candle Spread”

Chloe’s How Can I Shine Spread

Two Queens and the 8 of Swords walk into a bar…

The subject was “How Can I Be A Better Candle?”. I’ve done two spreads from other Tarot Blog Hop bloggers (Barbara Moore and Carolyn Cushing). This is my third. I love this woman’s blog. Chloe is across the pond from me. She maintains one of my favorite blogs called Inner Whispers. She didn’t name her spread so I did. Ha! Continue reading “Chloe’s How Can I Shine Spread”

#Tarot Blog Hop: Imbolc Tour

The subject is “How can I be the best candle.” The only parameters were that we use that topic and make it related to Tarot or an Oracle deck. As I thought about the question, it occurred to me that a candle can do several things.

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be 6 a year Tarot Round Robins. This came about because of a post on Facebook in a group called Tarotholics. Someone (me) said we should do a round robin where we all posted on the same subject and linked to the blog before us and after us so folks could peruse a number of Tarot blogs. Well that was really well accepted. We have a total of 34 Tarot bloggers for your first round robin. I’d love it if you could leave me a comment just to let me know you were here. And comment as you hop. 😀

Hopefully you got here from Continue reading “#Tarot Blog Hop: Imbolc Tour”