Is There Evil In This World?

RWS_13DeathToday’s card is not so much a reminder as it is a memorial. In the divination system I know as Tarot, Death doesn’t always mean physical death. Sometimes, though? Sometimes it does.

I just shared a thought on my personal page. I posted an image of Dr. Martin Luther King addressing a large crowd. His arm is outstretched as he waves to the thousands who have gathered to hear him speak. The words on the graphic read,

“When evil men plot, good men must plan. When evil men burn and bomb, good men must build and bind. When evil men shout ugly words of hatred, good men must commit themselves to the glories of love.”

Death rides a pale horse. In front are a king, a bishop, a mother and a child. None are excluded from Death’s reach. All must go at the call. Whether that call is from Jehovah, Mohammed, Goddess, Great Spirit or whatever/whomever you name that Higher Power (nod to the atheists who don’t), all must answer it.

Yesterday, heinous mother fuckers destroyed lives. One of the lives they destroyed was that of an eight year old boy. Eight. Years. Old. His sister, 6, lost her leg. Their mother underwent surgery for an injury to her brain.

Mother fucking

There is no reason anyone can give me for an eight year old to lose their life this way. By an act of such cowardly proportions that I wonder how the perpetrators can look at themselves in the mirror without cringing away.

Is there evil in this world?

Yes. Yes there is. It’s in the hearts of men and women who would do this.

And, it’s a seed in the hearts of many who can say with no compunction that someone of another race, creed, religion of love is wrong.

Yeah, I went there. I’m so angry I could spit right now. I’m going to tell you that I think evil is a seed that lives in most of us–me included. It is how we choose to live that waters it and feeds it or forces it to wither and die within us.

It’s a fine line for me between mean humor and hating those not like me.

Harsh words from a professional joy seeker? You betcha. I work hard at being authentic. I can’t tell you to seek joy today when, in my heart, I am so angry that I could feed that seed of evil with hatred.

I won’t though. I won’t allow others’ evil hearts to turn my own. Mother fucking won’t. Do you hear me?

I will continue to be a woman of love.
I will continue to be a human of joy.
I will continue BECAUSE OF THESE MOTHER FUCKERS to be a peaceful, joy seeking being.

I will not let them engage me in their grotesque evil. I will not allow my anger to feed evil. My anger will feed love. It will feed joy. It will destroy hate in the end.

I will win.

I won’t challenge you to do anything today other than love yourself and one another. That’s all. Just love.

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