Body, Mind, Spirit Coming Together

Today’s card is not one but three. Years ago when I first began studying the Tarot, I was told that I needed Mary K. Greer’s Tarot For Yourself [aff]. My teacher in the Craft told me that. And she was so right.

One of the lessons of that book is the Body, Mind, Spirit daily draw. MKG details how to do that so I won’t bore you here. I did the BMS draw daily for many years. Lately I’ve gotten away from that.

I felt like doing it this morning so I’m sharing it with you. Using the Medicine Woman Tarot (a recent gift from friends which is STILL making me smile), I drew the Fool (Seed), Lovers (Ecstasy) and the Three of Arrows.

MedicineWoman3001Body: Fool. I am reminded that seeds need time to grow. And seeds sometimes need to be replanted. The work I’m doing on my physical self is taking root. I need to keep being optimistic. Taking a chance on myself is worth it.

Mind: Lovers. I am reminded that I must love others as I love myself. When I slide into Negativeville about others, it invariable causes me to also become negative about myself. I do try to avoid negative people. At work, because of what I do, that’s impossible. I’m faced with negativity from customers as well as co-workers. I have to shed that from my mind. No bringing that home.

Spirit: Three of Arrows. Shot through the heart and you’re to blame. You give love a bad name. I just saw that a day or two ago on Twitter in reference to this card. It still makes me laugh. But the spirit of this card for my Spirit tells me that clear thinking can reconnect me. Spirit self is part of my mental focus. I just have to reknit the bones. (this makes sense to me.)

It’s hard to do a reading like this here. It’s a very personal spread.

Do you do a daily draw of any type? What do you want from it? Why do you do it?

My reasons are to have something to talk about here AND to give myself a bit of a push for the day.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Medicine Woman Tarot

Here’s the book I mentioned and that I have all of my students purchase.