Visualize, Work & Radio Stars

I hope you will take advantage of this amazing opportunity to indulge in some Tarot meditations.

One of my respected Tarot colleagues, Carolyn Cushing, has been doing a series of guided visualizations. Due to inconvenient working hours (mine!), I was only able to participate in a few. She’s redoing some fo them now to offer them on a website. You can be a part of the process. Here’s her blog post from today. Continue reading “Visualize, Work & Radio Stars”

Obnoxious, Writing & Questions

What do you think? Is it me adding to my already full plate? Would it make you want to book a consultation with me (not that you don’t already!)? Please help me make a decision.

So I have a question. I am constantly asked about what book or deck I might recommend. If I put this scrolling widget (see below) on my blog (over there to the right —>), will it be overwhelming and obnoxious? Continue reading “Obnoxious, Writing & Questions”

Gwenyth, Radio & George Takei

I’d like to take this opportunity to blame Mary Nale for everything I do or say wrong. I will forget an important name. I will stumble over some common word. I will mix some down-to-earth analogy up. It’s how I roll. Even though I know I’m perfect. HA!

I’m going to be live on the radio today from 3pm- 5pm CST which is 9pm-11pm UTC. I’m so proud of myself for my mad math skillz. 😀

Here is their blurb: …to Listen & Join us in the Chat Room! SHOW TIMES: 1pm Pacific/ 4pm Eastern/ 9pm UK Want to get right on? Make a Donation to support the Show and let us know in chat – No Waiting! Click here then let the host know when you call in.

That number is (347) 637-3372

I’d like to take this opportunity to blame Continue reading “Gwenyth, Radio & George Takei”

Radio, Lists and Podcast Questions

I’d love to have an ongoing list of Tarot podcasts. What are the ones you love to listen to? Please share them including links so others can find them as well.

One thing that I love doing is talking. For a Pisces, I run my mouth a lot. But I do have Aquarius rising so that helps me with my verbal communication skills. Some people don’t like talking, but I do. Never had a problem with it, actually.

Here are some Continue reading “Radio, Lists and Podcast Questions”

Musings on Radio Shows & 7 of Water

I was on the radio today with Dax, Mark and Janet of Tarot Today. Had a blast talking about the American Tarot Association, my Austin Tarot Meetup group and Tarot for Writers as well.

To celebrate that fun, I want to give Continue reading “Musings on Radio Shows & 7 of Water”

Where’s Arwen? CONTEST!

I’ll be on Blogtalk Radio with Raven and George this coming Sunday.

I’m going to be talking about what I think a beginner needs to know about choosing a deck and how to get started with the Tarot. I will also be doing readings at the end of the hour.

You can join us on Sunday at 1pm EST. Call in or hang out in the chat room. I’ll stick around the chat afterwards to answer questions and maybe do a few readings as well.

Let’s do a promotional contest! You share this on your blog, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. Then leave me the link here. I’ll put you in a contest for your choice of readings from me.

So the rules are:

1. One entry for each social media that you use.

2. You have to let me know here. I will not know otherwise.

3. You must post your social media post by no later than 8pm PST Saturday June 20.

In other news, Marilu Mann has a new novella coming out June 26th. Sweet Buns is a contemporary erotica guaranteed to leave you sweating. Learn more in the June 2009 newsletter.