Beltane Tarot Blog Hop & May Tarotscopes

Welcome to the Beltane Tarot Blog Hop. This is our third hop (the first was Imbolc and the second was Ostara). If you are doing the hop, you arrived here from Jera-Babylon Rootweaver’s page. You can see the next link at the bottom of this post. Curious about what the Tarot Blog Hop is? Check here for more information.

Fire Tends To All is the theme. When I was a girl, I was in Girl Scouts. I learned how to build a fire. A proper fire has three types of fuel. There is the Tinder which is the stuff that burns easily. It is the starter. Balled up pieces of used paper can be used or we often brought firestarters which were pinecones we had dipped in wax. Then you need something to burn from those firestarters and that’s the kindling. Kindling is wood that we always said needed to be no thicker than our thumbs. Once the kindling is going, then you add the fuel which are larger pieces of wood. A well-built fire is a thing of beauty but it does have to be maintained. And it is always important to make sure you add well-seasoned wood. That means it isn’t green or still wet.

Once it is burning and fed at the right times, it will heat water, cook food and warm those around it. If we use fire as a metaphor for passion, we can see how we have to feed our own passion.

Fire Tends To All: The Passion Seeking Spread

    • Tinder: this card shows you what small things you can do to ignite your passion.
    • Kindling: this card shows you what you must keep doing to fuel your passion.
    • Fuel: this card shows you the major actions you must take to allow your passion to burn on a steady basis.

For me, this is about passion because when you are passionate about something, it seems like everything just falls into place. I’ve been passionate for a long time about seeking joy and being a proponent of that. I style myself as a professional joy seeker because it means something to me. One of the things that means something to me is my free monthly podcast. I do tarotscopes each month.

In my world, my tarotscopes are tinder. I do them on a weekly basis via Twitter. Then my blog serves as my kinding giving me ways to continually feed my passion about using Tarot to help myself and those who honor me by asking me to do a consultation with them. Those consultations along with the classes that I teach are my big pieces of fuel. They sustain me in this love that I have for the Tarot.

What brings you joy? What moves you to be passionate and to get involved. Whatever that is, make sure you feed it. Make sure you tap into. As much as that fire tends to all, we all must tend to it as well. A fire unfed burns out. I never burn out on doing my weekly Twitter tarotscopes or my monthly podcast. They bring me such joy and feed my fire to do those other things. I hope you will use this spread and let me know what answers you come up with.

So check out this month’s tarotscopes as my offering in the Beltane Tarot Blog Hop and see where your passion is calling you. If you choose to go check that out, I do have a “go back” link there so you can rejoin the blog hop.

Now hop on over to one of my favorite new blogs! Alison’s Tarot blog is focused on the Court card. She is the next blog in the Tarot Blog Hop.

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