Learn Tarot: The Evening Lesson

The Evening Lessons

The Morning Lessons

So you have found your space and claimed your chair. You shuffled; you meditated; you drew. Then you went about your day.

This is your next step. This is to be done at the end of your day just before bedtime. Allot about thirty minutes for this portion.

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Learn Tarot: The Morning Lesson

The Morning Lesson

Quite often, I get this question:

“What would you suggest to a beginner who wants to learn to read the tarot?”

And my first answer would be to PUT THE BOOK DOWN. Yes, you read me. You don’t need the book. In fact, I think that the book is a hindrance rather than a help to a beginner. You begin to rely on someone else’s insights and don’t look and listen for your own. For me, Tarot reading is a very intuitive divination system. In fact, I think Continue reading “Learn Tarot: The Morning Lesson”