Bayou Tarot: Page of Pentacles

When is a waterfowl the Page of Pentacles? Arwen’s Bayou #Tarot explains.

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Bayou Tarot Page of Pentacles
Bayou Tarot Page of Pentacles

#affirmation Here’s another one from my Bayou Tarot since Storm Dancer asked so nicely. I’m not sure what kind of waterfowl this is. It might be what I know as a “pull-du” which are birds that kind of fold up to dive into the water.

I see this as the Page of Pentacles. He’s a seeker. He’s got a mission though so he’s not as dreamy as that Page of Cups. This bird knows where he is heading.

I love the reflection in this one as well. It makes me think thing my little Page of Pentacles knows his inner worth. He is learning the valuable lesson of not selling himself short. He can’t ignore his inner drive when it is right there looking back at him.

Sometimes my inner drive takes a holiday. Does yours? Today I’m fighting off illness. I have too much to do! I’ve already worked several hours of overtime. If I cave in to call in sick, I’ll lose those hours as over time. My inner self balks at that!

Today’s affirmation

I grit my teeth. I get through it. Whatever it is, I get through it. I drive forward following my personal goals. I focus on the end result to get myself through this day. Determined, focus, driven are my words for today.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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