Am I A Victim Of Bambi Mentality?

MedicineCards_7SkunkToday’s card is from a deck I rarely dip into. Part of that is because it isn’t a Tarot deck. It’s an Oracle deck. Some Oracle decks I use more than others. I used to use this one more too. Here is a favorite card of mine. Some might wonder why I am so fond of it when the animal isn’t really one of those “super cute” woodland creatures.

I guess I’m just a victim of Bambi mentality. I look at this card and think, “He can call my flower if he wants to” in that sweet little voice of Flower from the Disney movie, Bambi. And I just melt. I remember the teasing that was about to start on poor, innocent Bambi and the little skunk boy dissipates it all by telling the others he didn’t mind the name.

Have you ever been the one who diffused the pack mentality? The one who said that you just didn’t care about something so someone else didn’t get picked on or mocked?

Ever been the one who said something others deemed stupid and had to take all the teasing for however long the teasing went on?

At some point, teasing gets old. I have a friend that I STILL tease about something. He’s a super good sport about it but sometimes I wonder…has it just gotten old for him? Or is it something he can laugh about with us? Guess I need to just ask him. Maybe he’s been being Flower all along for me. Wonder if he’s tired of that.

Skunks are neat animals who apparently make rather fascinating companion animals. I really like that they are extremely clear about their boundaries. If they don’t want you crossing them, first they stomp their feet at you. Then they lift their tail. Once they are standing up on their front fee, it’s pretty much toooooooo late.

Do you have clear boundaries? Around teasing and being teased? It’s a weird area for me. I’m not really sure I know when to stamp my feet and when to just, as it were, stand on my head. Because once I go there, it’s tooooooo late and feelings are going to be hurt.

Not sure where this post was going, but here’s where it ended. Take three minutes today to review situations where you are the teaser. Ask yourself if it has gone on long enough. Or maybe, just maybe, ask the person you are teasing. Who knows? Like Flower, they may just enjoy the attention.

Skunk, Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Sams, Jamie, Carson, David Book&Cards Edition (9/1/1997), U.S.Games