October 2011 Tarotscopes

HEADS UP! The audio on this is bad. Apparently I didn’t have the microphone plugged in all the way so the external mic was working. You will have to adjust your speakers.

This month’s specials are the Bagua Map for $35 and/or the Pen & Paper for $35. As always, I live off your comments!

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March 2011 Tarotscopes

Cunning Man Waking the Wild SpiritHey it’s March and you know what that means, right? It’s my BIRTHDAY! I turn 50 this year. To celebrate, I’m offering 25% off any reading for the entire month. Just email me. Tell me which reading you want. I’ll invoice you at the 25% off amount. Pricing is good until 3/31 and you have until May 1 to redeem your reading. Fair?

I’m reading with a very unusual deck this month. It’s the Waking The Wild Spirit Tarot. I love the fey energy of this deck.

Want to let everyone know that you are a professional seeker? You can! Just click here to get your Professional Joy Seeker stuff.

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Image: Cunning Man by Poppy Palin

February 2011 Tarotscopes

Elder of Air Gaian Tarot

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Welcome to February 2011’s Tarotscopes podcast. We had a ton of Air and Earth this month–five each to be exact. Only two Major Arcana showed up. What did your sign get? Which Air court card failed to make an appearance? Come have a listen. Leave a comment if you want to chat about this month’s Tarotscopes. My new intro uses music by Slainte. Continue reading “February 2011 Tarotscopes”

January 2011 Tarotscopes

Finally! January 2011 Tarotscopes are done.

A contest for blog readers only! I will draw one name from all comments for the month of January on ANY January post. That person will win a 7 Card Universe reading from me redeemable in the month of February.

As of 3:50pm CST 1/3/2011, there are only three HJ readings left.

Tarotscopes February 2010

Happy February, y’all! I do hope January brought you new ways to seek joy in your life. This month features a lot of emotional Cups. I guess since it is Valentine’s this month I shouldn’t be surprised. But listen to this month’s free podcast of your Tarotscope for the month of February. Who needs to come down from their mountain? Who needs to budget more than money? Who is on the carousel? You know I love to hear from you so please leave me a comment. Monthly specials announced in the podcast so don’t miss those!

I hope you will take a moment to listen to this month’s free podcast where I share my thoughts on the cards as seen through the astrology filter. And do listen to your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Tarot Roots

This isn’t a post about Tarot history. It’s not even a post about Tarot really. It’s a post about me and how I came to love the Tarot so much. This is sparked by Ginny Hunt‘s blog today where she talks about her own journey to Tarot.

In a case of weird synchronicity, one of the participants in my current Continue reading “Tarot Roots”

July 2007 Tarotscopes

July 2007 Tarotscopes are now up. Please let me know you visited by leaving me a comment there! And tell me what you think! ๐Ÿ˜‰

This makes my third month of doing this and I am quite pleased. Still trying to figure out the sound levels though. I’m using Audacity. If anyone knows this program and would be willing to help me out a bit, I’d appreciate it!

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