Rummage Sale With Arwen

Here is where you can find classes, decks, stones, and miscellaneous things I find at auction.

Here are all my current eCourses. These include courses on Joy Seeking, learning intuitive Tarot, and writing.
Various stones for sale from Arwen. They will all be cleansed. You can request that they be charged if you so desire. No additional charge for that. Seek joy, y'all
These are various decks that I have for sale. If you want pictures, just email me. All decks will be marked as NIB (new in box) otherwise they are used.
This will be my random things area. I love to go to auctions. I buy boxes for maybe one or two things then need to find homes for the others. If you see OBO, that means Or Best Offer meaning I am willing to accept your best offer.

This is a work in progress.