Tarot For Writers

Afraid that you will never finish that book?

  • Afraid your story sucks?
  • Do you wish there was a magic wand you could wave to make your characters even better?
  • Are you worried that your plot isn’t twisted enough or is too twisted?
  • Do you wonder if any editor or agent will ever be WOWED by your voice?

If you can identify with these fears, you are at the right spot! Here you’ll find the tools and support you deserve to stand out from the crowd.

I’ll bet that you have story ideas calling you and you know how to sit down at a keyboard. Imagine never seeing your name as the author of stories other people clamor to read. Painful, right?

If you’ve ever experienced a sagging middle in your plot, know that you are not alone! I’m sure you know the building blocks of a good story, but there’s just so much conflicting info.

  • Show. Don’t tell!
  • No flat characters!
  • Use the 5 senses!

But everyone has their own way. Many writers fear losing their voice if they follow too many rules. Are you afraid you will never just finish the book?

You can finish that next amazing book without losing your voice. I will help you.

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I studied everything I knew about writing and Tarot then blended it into consultations for writers to help them get that book written. I offer individual consultations as well as workshops to show how the Tarot can help you grow as a writer.

Together we will explore:

  • Making Characters Leap Off The Page
  • Simple Ways To Defeat Writer’s Block
  • How To Talk To Your Muse
  • How To Access Your Writer’s Toolbox
  • Fine Tuning Your Voice To Stand Out
  • Plotting That Next Great Scene
  • Selling That Book

I’m Stephanie Arwen Lynch aka the Writers’ Tarot Coach. When I began actively writing towards being published, I realized that my love of Tarot could be combined with my writing. I am part of the author team of Marilu Mann, author of the Lusting Wild series from Ellora’s Cave. I also have written for the American Tarot Association, the Tarot World Magazine and more. As Marilu Mann, I have over 10 novels published with my writing partner, Cai Smith, as of 2015.

In my 25+ years of studying the Tarot, I’ve come to realize what an amazing tool it is for introspection as well as insight. I’ve been teaching via online workshops and in person at writers meetings for over three years now. The online practice opened up in 2005. My clients learn how to give freedom to their creativity by using the Tarot to guide their stories without losing their voice.

The results have been outstanding!

” She was spot on in her observations…including her predictions about me…selling a 3 book deal.”– Allison Pang

“[This class] was instrumental in writing my last outline for a proposal. It’s almost eerie when I look back and think, wow, if I hadn’t pulled that card, the novel might have taken an entirely different turn.”–Jeri Smith-Ready

“It was amazing how well you picked up on a fictional character’s traits just from a few tidbits of information.”–Joey W. Hill

I’ve heard from so many authors and aspiring authors who are delighted to have found a tool that truly works for them without rewriting their voice.

If you are ready to finish that book or plot the next one, I invite you to contact me for a personal consultation. Your story doesn’t have to stay inside of you. Together we can help you get the ideas out and plotted so you can get to “the end”.

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And you can book me for your group as well. Just drop me a note so we can get started planning. I’ll bring demo decks as well as handouts. Everyone will be able to leave the workshop with new tools to help them on their writing journey. Learn about Tarot for Writers with a published fiction author. I understand your journey.

I can’t wait to talk to you about this! Here are some types of consultations for you creatives.


  • Half hour conversation for $75
  • Full hour conversation for $125

Let’s get started. Schedule your appointment here.

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