Creativity Consultations

Creative Solutions For Creative People

This is for you if:

  • You want people to read your stories

  • You are committed to the craft of writing

  • Your characters need motivating

Why work with me for your writing career? I am published as Marilu Mann . My writing partner and I are in the middle of a huge rereleasing project that we hope to have finished by the end of 2016. I’ve used Tarot for┬áthese novels to successfully map characters’ hero’s journeys, flesh out their background and more.

I can help you write a novel editors and agents will want.

Here are a few suggestions for your creativity consultation with me. We can use these as framework or do a more organic method. If you were looking for my personal growth consultations to find your own joy, go here.

  • Half hour session: $75
  • Full hour session: $125
  • Three Hour session: $325
    • Can be split up into half hour or full hour sessions within a 6 month period

Character Exploration

  • Worried your heroine isn’t strong enough or your hero is a jerk? Let your character speak to you through Tarot.
    • 30 min

Hero’s Journey

  • Explore the natural progression of your story. You will receive a complete story arc targetting themes as well as pointing out twists you might not have seen yet.
    • 1 hr

Hero’s Journey for Two

  • As above but for two characters
    • 2 hours

Pen And Paper

  • Focus on your career. Who can help you? What do you need to do first?
    • 1 hrs

Muse of Inspiration

  • Feed your muse by discovering new paths to inspiration.
    • 1┬áhrs

Remember I do personal growth consultations as well that help you find your joy and keep it.

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