Ostara Tarot Blog Hop: Bloom Where You’re Planted

Hi there! Welcome to the Ostara Blog Hop. Hopefully you found me through Andrew’s blog. The next blog link is at the bottom of this one. Have fun! If you are in Austin, TX, come take a class with me. 🙂

Our topic was “Paint a journey with new life” which relates to the Goddess Ostara coloring the world with flowers. I love the image of this beautiful Deity trailing flowers wherever she goes. It makes me think of Continue reading “Ostara Tarot Blog Hop: Bloom Where You’re Planted”

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#Tarot Blog Hop: Imbolc Tour

The subject is “How can I be the best candle.” The only parameters were that we use that topic and make it related to Tarot or an Oracle deck. As I thought about the question, it occurred to me that a candle can do several things.

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be 6 a year Tarot Round Robins. This came about because of a post on Facebook in a group called Tarotholics. Someone (me) said we should do a round robin where we all posted on the same subject and linked to the blog before us and after us so folks could peruse a number of Tarot blogs. Well that was really well accepted. We have a total of 34 Tarot bloggers for your first round robin. I’d love it if you could leave me a comment just to let me know you were here. And comment as you hop. 😀

Hopefully you got here from Continue reading “#Tarot Blog Hop: Imbolc Tour”

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