Periscopes, Characters & Firsts

Back when I did this SXSW gig, someone videoed me doing their reading for them. They mentioned Periscope or Meerkat…I can’t remember. I never found that video but remembered being intrigued.

Fast forward to working with Amethyst Mahoney who mentioned Periscope again. So I tuned in to her channel. I was on lunch so why not!

I loved it. 😀 Then I watched a few others. Of course, my Aquarius Rising had to try it out.

Here is my very first Periscope.

Do you Periscope? Please follow me. I’ll follow back.

Got something you would like me to chat about on Periscope? Let me know in the comments.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Tarot & Writing: Loves/Hates Spread

Monkey & A Keyboard
Monkey & A Keyboard

Writing is hard enough without having to pay attention to things like well-rounded characters, right?  If you are working on the NaNoWriMo project, you may agree with that right off the bat. Just getting fifty thousand words down in thirty days is a daunting task. But anyone can do it, right? I mean even a monkey with a keyboard could write a tale! Continue reading “Tarot & Writing: Loves/Hates Spread”

Tarot Tip: Cleansing The Cards

Often I am asked how to cleanse the cards. I make a difference between cleaning and cleansing. For me, cleaning is the physical removal of dirt. Cleansing is the non-physical removal of energetic detritus. I use detritus instead of dirt because of the meaning. Continue reading “Tarot Tip: Cleansing The Cards”

Tarot Tip: How To Read Reversals

Hanged Man Reversed

Well, this is at least my way of explaining reversals. I acutally don’t read them anymore unless it is for a specific spread such as the Potent Self spread I discussed in a recent blog.

Fool Reversed RWSReversals can be extremely confusing. The one thing that worked Continue reading “Tarot Tip: How To Read Reversals”

Learn Tarot: The Evening Lesson

The Evening Lessons

The Morning Lessons

So you have found your space and claimed your chair. You shuffled; you meditated; you drew. Then you went about your day.

This is your next step. This is to be done at the end of your day just before bedtime. Allot about thirty minutes for this portion.

Return to your reading space and Continue reading “Learn Tarot: The Evening Lesson”

Learn Tarot: The Morning Lesson

The Morning Lesson

Quite often, I get this question:

“What would you suggest to a beginner who wants to learn to read the tarot?”

And my first answer would be to PUT THE BOOK DOWN. Yes, you read me. You don’t need the book. In fact, I think that the book is a hindrance rather than a help to a beginner. You begin to rely on someone else’s insights and don’t look and listen for your own. For me, Tarot reading is a very intuitive divination system. In fact, I think Continue reading “Learn Tarot: The Morning Lesson”

Tarot Tips: On Tarot And Meditation

Often I am asked about meditation. I do try to meditate with the Tarot sometimes, but my best method of meditation is a walking one. However, here are some tips for you to try out in order to attempt a more traditional method of meditation.

Choose a Tarot card. You can pick a random card or a specific one. For this meditation, I picked Continue reading “Tarot Tips: On Tarot And Meditation”

What’s An ATA?

I suppose I’d be remiss if I failed to mention what I very selfishly think is a great tarot organization. I am very proud to be the president of the American Tarot Association. This group was started in 2002 (or the first board meeting was then.) As I understand it, this was the brainchild of John Gilbert and several others.

The ATA has gone through several changes over the past six years. I have been president Continue reading “What’s An ATA?”

Tarot Tips: Memorization VS. Instinct

How do you memorize the cards? It’s a common question with a simple surface issue. However, if you dip below that surface, you will find a darkness lurking there in the waters. What are we really asking when we say, “How do I memorize the cards”? Is that truly the question or is the actual thought “How do I trust myself”?

I believe that it is Continue reading “Tarot Tips: Memorization VS. Instinct”