SPREAD: Killing My Muse

Recently I responded to another author’s journal about “Why Do YOU Write?. She responded. I responded back. One of the things that came out of that back and forth was this

Sometimes I wonder… if we have muses, if we don’t also have enemies of our muse. Those thought patterns that continually try to tear us down. In Tarot reading, I call these “old tapes” and they seem to be related to our own feelings of inadequacies that are usually (not always, but usually) fed by our own dark selves.

Then I said, Continue reading “SPREAD: Killing My Muse”

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SPREAD: Polyamory Spread (Adding A Partner To An Existing Relationship)

Three Of Cups (Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

I read for a wide variety of clientele. I have straight clients. I have queer clients. I have clients in traditional relationships. I have clients in non-traditional relationships. These can be Dominant/submissive relationships, polyamorous relationships, and more.

One unique problem in a poly relationship is Continue reading “SPREAD: Polyamory Spread (Adding A Partner To An Existing Relationship)”

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Spread: Mirror, Mirror (The Fairy Tale Series)

I have launched a project for myself that I am calling the Fairy Tale Spreads. I have long had a fascination and appreciation for fairy tales.

First as a child, I dreamt of unicorns and dragons and witches and princesses thanks to these tales my mother read me. As I grew older, I revisited them from a feminist perspective and found them to be lacking. But now that I am older, I find myself back at the doorstep of the old storyteller again. And this time, Continue reading “Spread: Mirror, Mirror (The Fairy Tale Series)”

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SPREAD: Finding The Warrior Within

I have been creating my own Tarot spreads for nearly seven years. I take a psychological approach to Tarot rather than a predictive one. I am far more interested in how things will make me feel and change me than I am in how things will turn out.

In our lives we take on battles nearly every day. Some are small battles while others are large ideological wars that take up a lot of our energy. That energy is a precious resource. I have found Continue reading “SPREAD: Finding The Warrior Within”

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