REVIEW: American Obscura Tarot

So what is your take on this deck? Love it? Hate it? Repelled or compelled? I love the unflinching look at our own gothic heritage. I hope others will buy this deck. I’d love to discuss it with you.

American Obscura Tarot
Misha Huntting
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Click for larger imageThis is a perfect time to tell you all how much I admire well done self-promotion. It’s not easy to do without coming across like an attention seeker. You all can probably name those who do this ad nauseum. Read my book. Read my reviews. Read my blog. Look at me. Like a toddler shouting from the yard, “Watch me, mama. Watch me.” Continue reading “REVIEW: American Obscura Tarot”

REVIEW: Tarot for Magical Times

So states Rachel Pollack in her new book, Tarot for Magical Times. With insights from Johannes Fiebig & Ernst Ott, she explores a way to utilize the Tarot as a lens to view larger, societally-significant issues. Starting with the 9/11 fall of the World Trade Center, Pollack and Fiebig offer their insights on how this may have started showing up as early as August of that year.

Tarot for Magical Times
Rachel Pollack, Johannes Fiebig
U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2011
ISBN 978-1-57281-720-3

“In this new approach I am suggesting, the Major Arcana represent the large outline of the fall Continue reading “REVIEW: Tarot for Magical Times”

REVIEW: Joie de Vivre Tarot

Joie de Vivre Tarot
Paulina Cassidy
U.S. Games Systems Inc (2011)

I have to admit that this is the deck I was the most excited about last year. Not because of anything more than my very own Joy Seeker  spread was going to be a part of this. I had been chatting with one of the U.S. Games Systems people when they mentioned they were needing a spread for this deck. I slobbered, I mean Continue reading “REVIEW: Joie de Vivre Tarot”

REVIEW: Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

I am not always drawn to oracles but Hepburn and Alexander have created a truly interesting deck. I know I will be using it in my professional capacity with my clients. It promises to be a fun oracle with a unique way of delivering information

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards 
Rae Hepburn (author), Shawna Alexander (artist)
U.S. Games 2011

I am the president of the American Tarot Association. I was given a review copy of this deck. There, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about this fascinating oracle.

Hepburn takes a centuries-old divination system Continue reading “REVIEW: Tea Leaf Fortune Cards”

REVIEW: Time On Your Hands

Of course those that know me are roaring with laughter …why? Read the post to find out.

Time On Your Hands: A Study in Palmistry
Maiay Gray-Cobb
ISBN: 978-0-7643-3904-2

This slim volume is packed with information. The author obviously has devoted quite a lot of research. I like the way the book dives right into the subject matter.

At first I was dismayed Continue reading “REVIEW: Time On Your Hands”

REVIEW: Tarot Birth Cards And You

Tarot Birth Cards And You by Bonnie CehovetTarot Birth Cards & You by Bonnie Cehovet

Schiffer Publishing LTD


Bonnie Cehovet is someone I know and adore. I want to be clear and upfront about that. I am fair when I review a book. I try to take personal admiration out of the formula. Sadly, that was nearly impossible with this book. I loved so very much about it that this will sound like a “BUY THIS BOOK NOW” review.

So if you want to cut to the chase, click here to buy this book now. 🙂

Let me start with the cons. Continue reading “REVIEW: Tarot Birth Cards And You”

Learning The Tarot: A Book List

Learning the Tarot is not difficult if you are willing to synthesize the information. You can’t read one book and expect to know all there is. I’ve been reading since 1980 and still learn something new every time I pick up the cards. One way to learn is to read a lot of books. Here are a few that would be good for beginners and those looking to expand their skills. Continue reading “Learning The Tarot: A Book List”

The Tarot Nose

The World by Esscentual Alchemy

A Review

I have a nose for Tarot. And so does Amanda Feeley over at Esscentual Alchemy. We met through our mutual love for Joanna Powell Colbert and the Gaian Tarot. Amanda mentioned that she was blending some scents for the Gaian. I raised my hand (or did I poke my nose in?) to offer to sniff and blab.

So I got six little bottles today. I’m going to do each one individually. I started with the World. I chose this very scientifically. I Continue reading “The Tarot Nose”

REVIEW:Tarot Flash Cards

Tarot Learning Cards Living Magick Card SeriesI was sent a copy of Tarot Flash Cards from the Living Magick Learning Cards(r) Series. The creator are Jadzia DeForest & Jay Greenman DeForest. This 2010 publication is 84 cards including the 78 that relate to the Tarot.

When I got the box, I was very Continue reading “REVIEW:Tarot Flash Cards”