Tarot & Food: Baking Bread With The Empress

Empress (World Spirit Tarot)
Empress (World Spirit Tarot)

So, it’s time to visit the kitchen again. Yesterday I indulged in one of my favorite past times. Y’all know I love to cook. Well one of the most indulgent, decadent things I do is bread. I know–you were expecting chocolate silk pie, right? It’s funny. For as much of a sweet tooth as I have, I don’t bake very many desserts. But I love Continue reading “Tarot & Food: Baking Bread With The Empress”

Tarot & Food: Four Of Cups Down In The Dumps Cake

Four OF Cups World Spirit TarotOk, so I’m having a bit of fun here with the name. I often say that the 4 of Cups is the doldrums or being down in the dumps card. Generally this card shows up as a reminder to not focus on what’s lost. I love the World Spirit Tarot 4 of Cups (shown here) because this person has walked themselves into this situation. See that path behind them? All they have to do is get up and turn around. My clients often get this question from me: “What is so important that you can’t go back a few steps?” Continue reading “Tarot & Food: Four Of Cups Down In The Dumps Cake”

Tarot & Food: Page of Wands 5 Minute Chocolate Cake

Seer Of Wands World Spirit Tarot
Here’s a recipe that is making the internet rounds. I have to give this one to the very busy, very passionate about life, Page of Wands. What better recipe for a young person whose very meaning is action now?

The Page of Wands, to me, typifies one of two things (or a combination). Someone in a hurry to tell you to hurry. This is a card about time and not missing the boat or the parade because you are second guessing yourself. So whether it’s a person in a hurry or a message for you to hurry, the message remains the same. Continue reading “Tarot & Food: Page of Wands 5 Minute Chocolate Cake”

Tarot & Food: Arwen’s I’m Just Ribbing Ya Stew for the Queen Of Cups

Queen Of Cups detail Victorian Romantic Tarot
Over the past few years, I’ve been doing some remodeling. Not on any room or building, but on myself. I found that I needed to take out some old habits and bring in some new colors to remake myself. As with all remodeling, I also like to examine the process from stripping ugly wallpaper to applying new flooring.

This is from September 2007
As a witch, I try to put intent into what I do. I fail many times but when I focus, Continue reading “Tarot & Food: Arwen’s I’m Just Ribbing Ya Stew for the Queen Of Cups”

Tarot & Food: Ace of Coins Squashed Chicken Ala Arwen

Ace Of Coins (World Spirit Tarot)

As you know, I love to cook. Love love love it. I refound this recipe recently and thought it was perfect for the Ace of Pentacles because it is a sumptuous solo meal. The Ace of Pentacles is the seed energy of the suit of earth. Some things that come up with this card are to remember to take care of yourself. You might be Continue reading “Tarot & Food: Ace of Coins Squashed Chicken Ala Arwen”

Tarot & Food: King of Pentacles Pot Roast

Sage of Pentacles (World Spirit Tarot)

Oh King of Pentacles, you darling man! You love your comforts and food, don’t you? I love this card in the right positions. He stands for creature comforts, protecting loved ones, and firm firm boundaries.

In this rendition, a piglet snoozes safely at his feet while apple cores prove the King has been indulging in something tasty. I thought about this man while trying to decide what he might like for his recipe. And then it hit me. Why Continue reading “Tarot & Food: King of Pentacles Pot Roast”

Tarot & Food: Seven of Pentacles Arwen’s Ravishing Ratatouille-Wannabe

7 of Pentacles World Spirit Tarot
One of my loves is cooking. I adore it. One of my calming meditations is to go to the grocery store. I wander the aisles thinking about what I could make. Sometimes I go prearmed with a list based on a recipe. More often I just go. Pushing the squeaky wheeled cart up and down the rows and rows of food. And it occured to me that Tarot-related recipes might be fun. Continue reading “Tarot & Food: Seven of Pentacles Arwen’s Ravishing Ratatouille-Wannabe”