Spread: Mirror, Mirror (The Fairy Tale Series)

I have launched a project for myself that I am calling the Fairy Tale Spreads. I have long had a fascination and appreciation for fairy tales.

First as a child, I dreamt of unicorns and dragons and witches and princesses thanks to these tales my mother read me. As I grew older, I revisited them from a feminist perspective and found them to be lacking. But now that I am older, I find myself back at the doorstep of the old storyteller again. And this time, Continue reading “Spread: Mirror, Mirror (The Fairy Tale Series)”

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SPREAD: Finding The Warrior Within

I have been creating my own Tarot spreads for nearly seven years. I take a psychological approach to Tarot rather than a predictive one. I am far more interested in how things will make me feel and change me than I am in how things will turn out.

In our lives we take on battles nearly every day. Some are small battles while others are large ideological wars that take up a lot of our energy. That energy is a precious resource. I have found Continue reading “SPREAD: Finding The Warrior Within”

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Tarot In Nine Words – The Fool

Something I do to release my creativity is write poetry. Writing fiction and writing poetry, for me, have a similar feel because I am trying to tell a story with both. Poetry is simply more obscure, if you will. On a board I frequent, I started a thread called 9Words: A Poetry Challenge. The premise is simple. Continue reading “Tarot In Nine Words – The Fool”

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Peek Over Arwen’s Shoulder

My family has always accused me of being a magazine addict. It’s true. I love magazines for their articles because I can satisfy my need to read in a fast small bite. If I am reading a book, a good story will hook me so that I can’t put it down until the last chapter. That’s not so bad when you read as fast I read, but still… it’s nice to be able to read something that is not going to make me lose too much time.

I’ve whittled my addiction in print magazines down only to be lured by Continue reading “Peek Over Arwen’s Shoulder”

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DECK REVIEW: Fradella Adventure Tarot

Fradella Adventure Tarot
By J P Dupras & Frank Fradella
Tarot Deck – 78 Cards – Published by US Games 2002

This review is part of the reviews at House Of Tarot. I do not receive any monetary rewards for you clicking on any of the following links. If that changes, I will edit this and I will always disclose that so folks can choose to not click a link.

Frank Fradella takes his iHero Universe to the realm of the mysterious Tarot. And basically Continue reading “DECK REVIEW: Fradella Adventure Tarot”

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Let’s Talk About Queens

Let’s talk about Queens, shall we? One of the hardest cards for me in the Tarot are the Queens. I get that pages often equal messages. Knights are all about the journey. Kings are about completion. But what about those lovely lovely ladies of the Tarot? What is their role in my Tarot life?

As a woman, I often see Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Queens”

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Tarot Tips: Memorization VS. Instinct

How do you memorize the cards? It’s a common question with a simple surface issue. However, if you dip below that surface, you will find a darkness lurking there in the waters. What are we really asking when we say, “How do I memorize the cards”? Is that truly the question or is the actual thought “How do I trust myself”?

I believe that it is Continue reading “Tarot Tips: Memorization VS. Instinct”

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Other Blogs: Mary K Greer

I know, I know…. Why should I tout other tarotist blogs here? Well because I like to share great finds. To me an engaging blog is one that makes me come back to it time and time again. I’m not so much about controversy as I am finding other writers who love to talk about the tarot. One of these blogs is Mary K. Greer’s WordPress blog creatively titled “Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog”. Often referred to by just her initials in the Tarot world, MKG delivers in her blog.

If you read a blog for pedantic thought that just regurgitates old stale information, do not read MKG’s blog. Continue reading “Other Blogs: Mary K Greer”

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Musings On Mawu

Today’s card is a unique one. It is Mawu from Daughters of the Moon tarot by Ffiona Morgan. This is the old black and white deck (the image shown is from the full color deck). Mawu is the Fon goddess who shares duality with Lisa, the Fon god. Mawu and Lisa were twins and regarded as an unseparable unity. She is the moon and he is the sun. In their mythology, she creates the world. In this deck, Mawu represents both the Emperor and the Empress.

On this card, we see an elephant’s head in the foreground. Massive tusks seem to protrude from the card with his ears held wide in an aggressive pose. This is a bull elephant in the defense posture. On his back there is a woman of obvious African heritage who has one hand protectively over her belly. Her other hand is helping a child slide from her vagina. Her expression is one of joy and contentment. There is no fear in her at all. The child is at peace as well.

On either side of the elephant you can see some foilage. I imagine the colors I would choose for this card would be vibrant ones to signify the life that is here. This card is about birth and beginnings and protecting that special time as well.

But there is something here that many might find ominous. On the branch that reaches over Mawu’s head from the tree on the left hand side of the card, there is a snake sinously twined. The snake seems more curious than dangerous to me. Its tongue protrudes in the typical tasting/smelling fashion of reptiles. I think because she shows no fear, I feel no fear from this reptile. Of course, I am a reptile lover so that will color how I view the serpent here.

In the background lies a great waste of land. There are low-lying mountains rising from what looks to be a desert to me. So the symbology of birth could be expanded to being birth after hard times. Creativity from nothingness.

On researching Mawu after writing this, I learned that Mawu asked the World Serpent DA to curl up around the world to support it in case of accidents. The child she is giving birth to here must be the world and the snake is Da waiting to do as asked. This child is Gu, the divine tool, who was used by his parents to shape the world.

So the message of this card is give birth to yourself and your own world. Be your own world shaper and know that you are protected and safe.

NOTE: The Fon people are of Benin and Togo.

This musing originally posted on Tarot By Arwen

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DECK REVIEW: Labyrinth Tarot, by Luis Royo


Labyrinth Tarot
By Luis Royo
Tarot Deck – 78 Cards – Published by Fournier

This review is part of the reviews that I have done for House Of Tarot. By clicking on a link, you are accessing the Amazon store. If you buy via this link, I do get a small percentage of that. I like to disclose this so you can make your own decisions! 🙂


The Labryinth Tarot by Luis Royo seems to be more a way for Royo fans to get miniatures of his work. An accomplished and well known fantasy artist, Royo’s deck is lovely to look at. As an art deck, I can recommend this one. However Continue reading “DECK REVIEW: Labyrinth Tarot, by Luis Royo”

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