She Had To Trust Herself

OracleTarot_8Coins003Today’s card reminds me that the best way to get to Carnegie Hall is practice, practice, practice. There’s another piece to that as well.

Believe, believe, believe.

How do you know when your talents and skills are good enough? When it is time to put on your party dress, doll up your hair and show off?

Hard to say, isn’t it?

Know why?

It’s because we may have practiced, but we don’t believe. We don’t trust.

We don’t trust.

That bears repeating because it’s part of the key to this card. She had to just finally let go and trust that she knew enough, was skilled enough, was enough.

She had to trust herself.

She had to realize that she was smart enough to know that talent alone isn’t enough. Dedication to your craft is the best way to honing your skill. Belief in your own power brings something amazing to that combination of skill and talent.

What do you know enough? What skill(s) are you holding back on simply because you don’t trust yourself?

  • Is it worth it to deny yourself that moment in the spotlight?
  • Is it worth it to hold back your own beautiful brilliance?

I don’t think so. I think it’s time for you to shine. Let the world see how amazing you are.

Today I celebrate my place in the sun. I am more than enough. I am loved and loving. I am a brilliant woman ready to show the world my stuff.

What about you?

For your 180 second challenge, write/sing/draw/pray an affirmation that celebrates your own shining self. Feel free to use the one above if you like. Then speak it out loud to yourself. I mean look yourself in the mirror and say this affirmation, darlings.

Make it a beautiful day. Shine. Your Carnegie Hall moment is here.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

9 of Coins, Oracle Tarot, Lucy Cavendish

5 thoughts on “She Had To Trust Herself”

  1. Unfortunately a lot of people trust more in the negative things they have been telling themselves all of their lives instead of what is true. I think negative thoughts can be a sort of comfort that we become trapped by when we allow ourselves to believe them. Thanks for the reminder that we have to trust in what we can do and not dwell on the things we can’t.

  2. I’m not a believer in tarot, however believing in yourself is something I do believe in wholeheartedly. I am one of those annoyingly positive people, always smiling, and if I’m not smiling…people notice, and they know something is VERY wrong.

  3. Hmm, have to say I sometimes see myself in the Knight of Wands – I’ll jump in before I’m absolutely ready, and without fully trusting, yet somehow believing that things will work out…

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