What Do You Do When Feces Fugit?

five-earthI decided to pull a card then write a powerful, empowering, positive affirmation. I knew it would be easy.

Then I drew this card.

Yeah. Not so easy.

Huddled in a makeshift shelter, this person seems to be just trying to make it through the night. I don’t think he or she is all about joy and seeking it. I’m reminded that there have been times in my life when seeking joy was about as much fun as pulling teeth.

And not as easy either.

But my constant push to seek joy isn’t some rose-colored phrase. I know shit happens. It happens to me as much as to anyone. What makes me different is that I realize it is simply shit and it is fleeing.

Feces Fugit

Shit flies. The trick is to find joy even in that.

So my affirmation for the Five of Earth (Gaian Tarot) is this:

I know how to seek shelter when necessary. I am blessed with knowing when to duck and cover. I am safe from the storms of life because I know how to honor all sides of me. I am loved and loving even in the midst of chaos.

And I am loved. While writing this, a dear friend called me to give me much needed advice on how to handle an injury. I think the Universe really outdid itself when it got me to Austin.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Five of Earth, Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert Limited Edition

6 thoughts on “What Do You Do When Feces Fugit?”

  1. Love how you turned a potentially negative draw into a positive! Who knew you could find a positive in “Feces Fugit!” Oh, Ok. I knew that we can always find something to appreciate! Great post.

  2. Way to turn it around Arwen! I’ve found that to be an incredibly useful mindfulness practice for me—to find a way to be grateful in any situation.

    1. Hi Lacy. I think being mindful of how we view all situations can be a life saver.

  3. Love the encouragement to look for the positive in even difficult cards (and situations). As you say, your affirmation was powerful and empowering! Thought I’d try to find my own words, too: I am able to make the best of even difficult situations. I find protection when necessary, and have skills to help me through those hazards that I cannot avoid 🙂

    1. I think affirmations are best in our own language. 😀 Yours is terrific!

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