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The Fox
The Fox

Today we are going to visit another Lenormand blog. I am fascinated by these little cards and may need to delve into them more myself. In this blog, started January 2008, Phoenix lays out the cards then gives you the meanings. She interacts with her visitors in the comments (I really like that in a blogger).

The true gold in this blog is in the comments when she updates what happened in her day and how they were laid out in the daily draw. For instance her very first post of the year offers this take on the daily draw:

The horseman arrives with some news. Lilly+horseman (change of pace through information renewal, new cycle) However the news the horseman brings horseman+scythe (rupture, separation, news of accident, surgeon) So putting all this together I may have a situation change because of some not so nice news, meaning might have to make some arrangements.

By reading the comments you find that it is a family member the news was about. Phoenix offers a great sense of humor in her blog as well. You will also find more complete layouts when she does more in-depth spreads such as her weekly spreads or this spread from March on her financial year:

The Bear
The Bear

ily shows me being very content and after a long financial struggle, goals finally coming into fruition. lily+bear also can mean annuities or bonds. The heart indicates that I will be very happy about it. Bear+heart can indicate financial generosity, donations or charity.

Sadly there are no comments on this so I don’t know how this reading has panned out. Still it is so enjoyable for me to see these cards. They images are absolutely charming!

I hope you will stop by Phoenixoracle’s Weblog and see what she has to offer. I think you will enjoy her sharing very much.

Cards shown here are from the Mystical Lenormand by AGMueller. It is OOP. Anyone have a copy that they’d like to part with? I love these images!

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  1. Hi Arwen,

    Thank you for giving me a heads up on my blog, so i thought I would pop in to say hello.

    Oh btw, the update on the lily+bear reading, I had forgot to update, it ended up being that I had an increase in my weekly payments from the tax department, famillies with children are entitled to further financial assistance, taxes were also reduced, so yes i was very happy about that. So bang on the mark for that reading. I will go back and update that one now.


    Phoenix Rising´s last blog post..Daily reading 9/11/08

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