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Welcome to the 2013 Tarot Blog Hop. We are a community that grows and changes for each hop. You may have arrived from Chloe’s blog or perhaps you hopped in the other way from Sharon’s place. This hop’s wrangler, Morgan challenged us to blog on the idea of “Dancing Between Light and Darkness” since this is a day of balance. He’s also got a Master List if you find any broken links.

Balance is one of those things I feel very strongly about. You might say it’s a religious thing.

And you’d be right. While this Tarot Blog Hop is not at all about religion (we cover the gamut of religious beliefs), the topic as proposed by Morgan hit my religious button. As someone who believes in a dual deity system, you can see how I might love this topic of balance.

Nature, a key piece to my Wiccan beliefs, is a system of balances. Even a raging, out of control fire leaves behind ground rich with nutrients from what the fire destroyed. A rabbit dies to feed a hawk. When the hawk dies, its flesh feeds larvae of insects as well as the plants that a rabbit will eat most likely.

If you aren’t humming “The Circle Of Life” yet, you should be. Here’s a helpful video in case you’ve forgotten the words…

In our lives, people and things come and go. It’s so hard for me to fully release either. I want to know how people are doing–even those who’ve hurt me beyond measure. It’s a struggle for me.

But letting go is what must be done if the balance is to happen. The wheel can never turn if I’m hanging on to one side, digging my heels in doing my best impersonation of a four year old screaming “NO NO NO!”

Lwinterstormetting go so something else can come in. Now there’s the kicker. The fear there is that what or who comes in may not stay either. What if they go? What if they stay? What if’s rain down on me like those hard, icy pellets that warn of a cold winter storm coming.

If you’ve ever had that happen to you, you may find this spread useful.

It’s laid out in a diamond shape so that all the cards affect one another.

At the bottom is the thing you may want to see about letting go of. At the top is something that could take its place should you make the room for it. I use the word thing but this could be a person if you so choose. I try not to read about specific people in terms of their own free will. I find it invasive.

The cards to the left and to the right are the balancers. You can think of them as potentially “good” or “bad.” I put good and bad in quotes there because I’m not a fan of the concept. I would prefer “helper” and “hinder.” Those are the words I’ll use with you if you choose to have a Tarot conversation with me.

Balancing Spread

card3   card4
  1. What needs to be let go of
  2. What could potentially take the place of card 1
  3. This helps or hinders
  4. This helps or hinders

I’d love to hear from you if you try this spread.

And, while I have your attention (GRIN), do check out my book of Fairy Tale Tarot spreads illustrated by Lisa Hunt. It’s completely digital. 😀


8 thoughts on “TarotBlogHop: Ostara 2013”

  1. Another great spread. Here are my cards: 1.) I don’t believe this…The Devil…again 2.) Three of Rods 3.) Knight of Pentacles 4.) King of Pentacles. btw I love the Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads book and will likely be posting about soon. Happy Ostara!

    1. Koneta, that ol Devil card is chasing you! 😀 So glad you enjoyed the book. I look forward to hearing what you think about it.

  2. Ha ha, yes, I see we did share a brain here. Though what you say about letting go is very different and challenging/inspiring. Will definitely be giving this spread a go! 🙂

    1. Chloe, even the shape of the spread was the same but we did have some variations on the theme. ;D I loved yours!

    1. Cher, glad you are going to join us on the next hop. The more the merrier.

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