Tarotscopes for 3/17-3/23/2013 + Free Readings Today

explorer-earthWelcome to your free weekly Tarotscopes. These are for the week of March 17 through March 23, 2013. Don’t miss how to get your free reading at the end!

    • AQUARIUS Guardian (Queen) of Fire Nurture the things that make you sing. Focus on feeding what builds you up. Burn out what reduces you. Guardianship of your heart.
    • PISCES SUN Great week to be you! Don’t burn out though as you dance yourself through this amazing energy. Spread your arms. Welcome the joy.
    • ARIES Elder (King) of Fire Passion rules you or do you rule it? Careful not to let it dictate your actions. Controlled passion is your best bet this week.

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    • Taurus Seeker/Fool Do horizons beckon you? Scared? Don’t be. Take that first step into your new world. Cross the threshold with your heart open.
    • GEMINI Six of Air Others must be included if you want to succeed. You must create partnerships. You have to work with committees. You will win if you do.
    • CANCER Six of Earth Healthy foods in. Unhealthy attitudes out. Balance giving with receiving to get the most out of life. Connect with community.

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    • LEO Judgment Rise up. Awakening to the next journey you must take. Seize this moment to make the most of it. Spirit transcends.
    • VIRGO Two of Fire Partnership emphasized. May have some fiery moments. Work through them. Heads butt for a reason. Do you need to control more?
    • LIBRA Explorer (Knight) of Earth Time to work. Nose to the grindstone. Teach by doing. Less talk more action for true forward movement. Take care of you.

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    • SCORPIO Elder (King) of Earth You’ll know when the project is ready. Put your heart and soul into the work to be nourished. Dedication & loyalty pay off.
    • SAGITTARIUS Child (Page) of Earth Be more curious. Investigate new paths to prosperity. Open your mind to new sources of income. Examine any job offers intensely.
    • CAPRICORN Three of Water All work + no play? No way! Find time to relax. Carve out moments of joy. Work can be fun too. Focus on finding the fun.

I do these weekly tarotscopes along with my monthly podcast free because it brings me great joy to give back to the community. I also, like many of us, love to see others enjoy my work. So today until midnight, I’m going to pull a card for anyone who shares this post. Because I might miss your share, I have to ask that you leave a comment that includes your sharing link. So if you Tweet this, come back and leave a comment that shares your tweet link. (Click on the time and date on your tweet to get that link.) Same with Facebook and Pinterest. Just leave me a comment with your share.

And, yes, if you share more than one place, you can leave me all the links in one comment. I’ll pull a card for each share. These will be one card mini readings. If you want to have a longer Tarot conversation with me, contact me using the Contact Me button over there to the right.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Today’s deck is the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert. It’s my primary reading deck.

17 thoughts on “Tarotscopes for 3/17-3/23/2013 + Free Readings Today”

    1. Stepfordfemme, your card is the Knight of Earth. There are some things happening on a family level that require your devoted (dogged even) attention. Don’t let them skirt the issue. Patiently and lovingly get them to talk.

    1. Whoa, Chloe! What do you have going on, woman? Emperor, Ace of Fire and the World? Look out, Universe. Chloe is fixing to be given the keys to the city.

      You are going to get good news from a man in a power place over you. He’s been hammering at you about details to the point you want to scream but his nitpickiness (that is not a word) has dragged a really solid outline out of you. Ace of Fire is your passion leading you out further than you thought possible. Then you have Gaia the World here which is just a “hell yeah” ending for this three card reading. Good things coming your way. Very good things but more than one so don’t tie up all your time on one thing. You will need to multi-task like crazy!

      1. Thank you for a lovely reading, Arwen! And you’re gonna laugh when you read my Tarot Blog Hop post, which is going live in four and a half hours πŸ˜€

    1. Neeta, you get the Guardian of Earth (the Earth court cards were actually very strong in this week’s Tarotscopes so I’m not surprised to see 2 already). A project you’ve been working on is nearly complete. Check all the parts of it before releasing it. Someone may not have done their job correctly. One more run-down could save this.

      The second card is the Moon so you have a very powerful feminine combination here. Pay attention to emotional cues from others. Someone may have need of your compassion. Try to be there for them.

  1. I always enjoy what you post into Facebook online and the information, readings and share that you provide. It is also very inspiring to me as a reader intuitive medium also, that we share such a like passion.

    1. Gaile, thank you so much! Your card is the Two of Water indicating a partnership is growing stronger. This could be your own partnership with your chosen medium since this is a card of self-to-self partnership. If you aren’t doing animal communication already, you may want to venture there. πŸ˜€

    1. Renee, you get the Child of Earth (see what I mean about the Earth court cards this week?) and the Three of Water. Looks like some fun and games are coming your way via family or work. Be ready to let your hair down a bit. There could be a party invitation in the mail already. This is a great combination telling you to take some time to focus on your family and community as places to bring you more joy.

  2. I enjoy these so much of course I will share on my facebook! So much more than newspaper horoscopes πŸ™‚

    1. Erica, the High Priestess shows up for you. Secrets motivate others so why not you? Pay attention to those gut hunches because they are going to be super important this week. Listen to that inner voice, okay?

    1. LOL! Amy, you got the Eight of Wands which is, indeed, a card of movement…very very fast. Be on the look out for some travel opportunities (good ones) that may take you out of your normal routine. Could be really good for you. πŸ˜€

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