Political Tarot?

It’s hard to get away from American politics if you are in the United States. From what some of my Canadian friends tell me, it’s hard to get away up there as well.

I’m a very political person. My first major in college was Political Science. Well, ok, so I was double majoring in History as well. But I take my right to vote very very very seriously.

I’ve done my best to keep my political views out of this Tarot blog. But today, on election day here in the States, I’m going to speak my piece.

I am voting for the Democratic presidential ticket. Not because I dislike John McCain. In fact, before McCain announced his running mate, I had some serious questions about who I would vote for. But when he chose Governor Palin, I knew my choice could only be the Democratic ticket. The horror I felt as a feminist to read her views on women paying for their own rape kits was only surpassed by my disgust when I read that she felt slaughtering wolves from a helicopter was “sporting”.

There are many other issues including the economy that swayed me towards the Democratic ticket of Obama and Biden. I won’t go into them here.

In parting and to keep this vaguely related to Tarot, I want to share a card with you. It’s from the Vanessa Tarot published by USGames in 2007. See anyone familiar? I am sure the artist didn’t know of Sarah Palin, but they certainly pegged her in this image. And I can’t think of anything more frightening than Palin as the Heirophant.

Vanessa Tarot
Vanessa Tarot

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6 thoughts on “Political Tarot?”

  1. Arwen, however you found that Palin/Heirophant card, I’ll never know — there could not be a worse confluence of person and destiny as far as I’m concerned. Ok, there probably could be, but the timing is wrong for that particular outcome — this time. Our job is to usher in the new (VOTE!) and then begin healing eachother.

    LucyD´s last blog post..Your Own Personal New Year’s Predictions

  2. I find it very hard to believe that that card is not based on Ms Palin.. perhaps the author was psychic?.. had a vision?.. or maybe they were ‘referring’ to Tina Fey! wishing you good luck from Canada, Judy

  3. Lucy, Mary K Greer posted it on her blog and then someone else sent it to me. I couldn’t resist!

    Judy, thanks for the good luck. I hope we don’t need it but you never know. I agree about the artist being psychic! Wow!

  4. That is awesome, Arwen! And, I love that the Palin Heirophant is dressed slutty. Makes it even more laughable!

    And, yes, McCain’s choice of Palin as running mate sealed his fate.

    this Canadian is THRILLED to see Obama as president. It is huge in so many many ways.

    Haley-O´s last blog post..Cheaty Gets a Life Coach

  5. This Aussie is also thrilled by the outcome of the US election. Palin as Hierophant (or anything else for that matter) was a very scary thought. This was possibly the most historic event of this generation – Obama’s gracious victory speech (and McCain’s equally gracious concession speech, despite his crowd’s boo-ing) filled me with so much hope. The rest of the world will be ready to reach out their hands again to the US now. Obama has so many huge challenges ahead of him, but also more goodwill than even he could know.

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