Tarotscopes for 3/10-3/16/2013

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    • AQ King of Pentacles Rule your money or it rules you. Strong growth potential IF you manage the bank account with a firm but fair hand. Don’t be a bank.
    • PIC Star The best way to shine is to help others shine. Light up your sky by bringing others up on stage with you. Goals achieved easily.
    • ARI Devil Make sure your actions don’t increase the chains. Marley’s message endures. What you do now follows you. Make the right choices.


    • TAU 10 Pentacles Success in monetary goals looks good. Remember! Focus on wealth in all things to be truly happy. Family, home, community.
    • GEM 7 Swords Mental jigsaw puzzles steal time. Cut through to the heart of the matter. Don’t waste time worry about others. Laser focus.
    • CAN Page of Swords Remember each day is a blank slate. Set your mental focus on joy. Look up instead of down. Enthusiasm carries you over the top.


    • LEO 2 Pentacles What needs balancing? You really can do it all once you identify the 2 key goals. Growth is inevitable so stay current.
    • VIR 4 Pentacles Protect what is yours but don’t overdo. Sheltering too much limits growth. Spend a little to gain a lot. Think outward.
    • LIB 10 Wands Passion seems to be blocked. A creative mind can see the path clearly. More twists & turns maybe, but there is a way out.

Want to finish the damned book? I can help. Let’s about your sagging middle and talking heads today.

  • SCO 3 Swords Digging into emotional difficulties can bring pain. Also can bring freedom. Growth happens when you weed out the unnecessary.
  • SAG Queen of Cups Your emotional support nurtures others. Make sure you nurture yourself. Others come to you for sympathy. Let them take away joy.
  • CAP Page Cups Love fills you up. Share that with others. Romance is good, but friendship is the foundation. Let that spill out into more.

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