Can You Do This Today?

I know. That can be hard to accept sometimes. I have a hard time when someone (including myself) tells me things like this.

StolenChild_Loversnocopyright004Today’s card reminds me to cherish. Cherish is a word that I use to describe you…and me (sorry to muck up that lovely song.) It’s one of those words that I enjoy saying. Not sure why but cherish feels good in my mouth.

And it feels even better in my heart. Did you know I cherish my relationships–near and far? Do you recognize that means you, by reading this, are now cherished by me?

How often do I remember to tell you that I love you for taking the time to read, to comment, to share? How often do I remind you how important you are to me?

  • Not as income sources.
  • Not as marketing targets.
  • Not as book buyers.

Just as that rare gift you are–human with a capacity for joy beyond belief.

I know. That can be hard to accept sometimes. I have a hard time when someone (including myself) tells me things like this. But one of the key steps to being a professional joy seeker is learning to stay open to the gifts of the universe.

One of those gifts is being able to connect deeply.

Did you know I often get teary-eyed when I read your comments?

Do you know that I often cry with you during our Tarot conversations?

I’m so honored by the sharing. I mean that.

This card from the Monica L. Knighton Stolen Child Tarot represents this concept of cherishing one another. And I love how the young bat wrapped in its parents wings licks its lips. The two children are sound asleep knowing they are protected. They are cherished.

Hibiscus flowers are also important to me. I have two hibiscus trees growing together on my back porch. Yellow and red together because it brings me joy when they bloom.

So for your 180 second challenge today, can you tell someone you cherish them? Can you look them in the eye and simply say,

“I cherish you.”

You can expand, but can you do at least that tiny bit?


And here’s the hard part.

Then can you do that to the beautiful person in the mirror?

Want help finding your own joy? Want help finishing the damned book? Let’s talk.

Lovers, Stolen Child Tarot, Monica L. Knighton, self-published

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Seek Joy, y’all. Pass it on.

7 thoughts on “Can You Do This Today?”

  1. Lovely post Arwen. You seem to have the same wonderful reactions as me on your blog, getting teary-eyed with the people who stop by to comment and read your posts. I also cherish very much each and every single person who has ever supported me this way. Thank you! 🙂

  2. This is great, Arwen. I love your bit about cherishing. My daughter and I are very close. I tell her that I love her all the time and she reminds me if I don’t. Same with my hubby. I love the way you help us remember our beauty every day. Keep up the great writing!

  3. Cherish..that is a beautiful word. I can do this exercise with joy. But when i will journal to Higher Self and tell that better part of me how much I cherish her. Arwen it has been wonderful meeting you during the blog challege. Namaste.

  4. Beautiful post. I don’t have a mirror in front of me but I can visualize looking myself in the mirror and saying, “I cherish you.” This is something I never could have done a few years ago 🙂

  5. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who do I cherish least of all. Bam, you hit me between the eyes. Thank you. Affirmations are so important. If you don’t cherish yourself, how can you cherish others. Again, thank you.

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