How Do You Talk To That Person?

mirror2Today’s card is not a card but an illustration by Lisa Hunt that she did for my Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads eBook. It’s almost ready. This is one of my goals that has already happened because of working with Leonie Dawson. (NOTE: I no longer work with her but she’s a cool chick!)

This image is for the Mirror, Mirror spread which is about how we see ourselves. A lot of times when we gaze into a mirror we don’t see who we really are.

It’s hard to not be self-critical. It’s a challenge for me not to grind myself up piece by incorrect piece as I look in the mirror.

When I am stuck in negative mode, here is what I see. Ugly teeth, sagging huge boobs, frizzy hair, fat belly, gray hair. A woman who is so physically repulsive no one would want to be near me.

I can hear you now. WOW. Really?

Yes, I really am that harsh on myself WHEN I am STUCK in negative mode.

But I’m not there very often any more. It’s a dead-end situation.

Now I focus on being kind to my self. I see my hazel green eyes, my great smile, the kindness in my face. I see my hair attempting to take over the world by wild curls. I see a body Rubens would have loved to paint. I love myself because I am a system of flaws, perfections and everything in between.

We are generally our own worst enemies. We rarely let someone get a negative word in that we haven’t already applied to ourselves.


Maybe it’s self-defense. Maybe we want to take the sting out of the criticism we fear is coming.

What if…

What if you committed to 180 seconds of being nice to yourself. I mean setting a timer and facing yourself in the mirror. Then rattling off as many compliments as you can think of.

I look great in jewel tones.
My skin is fabulous today.
My hair is shiny.
I am nice to puppies.
I am a great cook.
I let that other driver cut in front of me.

Can you do that? Can you face your mirror self and tell her or him how much you love that person?

180 seconds is all I’m asking.

Mirror, Mirror, Lisa Hunt, 2013 (c) All Rights Reserved

Seek Joy, Y’all. Pass it on. the S. I love you because of everything you are–not because of anything you aren’t.

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4 thoughts on “How Do You Talk To That Person?”

  1. Oh that’s beautiful Arwen! Yes, it makes such a difference if you are kind to yourself or not. I’m trying to do the same this year. Every time I want to sabotage myself or be mean I try to do the opposite. I will do your exercise instead! Thank you Arwen! 🙂

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