Tarotscopes for February 2/10-2/16/2013

Weekly horoscopes from professional psychic, Stephanie Arwen Lynch. A professional joy seeker, Arwen is also the president of the American Tarot Association.

Your Tarotscopes for February 2/10-2/16/2013

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AQ 4Sw You will need downtime. Emphasis on your mental health. More tea & toast Protect your self by letting go of what you can’t control.

PIC 1Sw Free yourself from preconceived notions. Seize the week. Fresh ideas come in–shiny & new. Make this about your possibilities.

ARI 9Wnds Don’t listen to the critics. Sing your song just the way you hear it. Take the higher ground when confronted with naysayers.

TAU 4Wnds Celebrate life. Acknowledge transformation. Grapes can be wine OR raisins. What will you make of what you are given this week?

GEM 10Wnds Buckle down. Get started. Don’t over research this. You can get bogged down in the back story but you need to live now.

CAN 1Cns Prosperity opportunity. Keep your eyes open for unusual chance. Go through the opening they give you. Take this risk. Abundance!


LEO 1Cps Love is in the air. Make sure you are first on your own list. Might check out a new watering hole. Change of scenery is the key.

VIR 6Cps Who is on your mind? Reach out to that old friend. Let them know you do still care. They may need a helping hand so offer it.

LIB 2Wnd Focus on the ingredients you need for success. You may feel divided but you need to make a choice. Which one truly excites you?

SCO 8Cn Projects come to you because you have the know-how. Show others as well. You learn when you teach. Physical activity emphasized.

SAG 7Swd Watch your mind. Don’t let yourself lose time by worrying about others’ plans. Mental theft occurs when YOU GIVE IT AWAY. So don’t.

CAP QCps Spa day for you this wk. Make it happen. You are in charge of your emotional well-being. Nurturing yourself needs to be a priority.

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