What Will You Do For 180 Seconds?

The sun burned my eyes on my walk back in. I couldn’t see a thing and nearly walked into a neighbor taking his morning stroll.

Cats_Eye_19SunToday’s card reminds me to soak it up. This orange tabby understands the value of making time to enjoy the day. The bright daisies next to him (did you know 85% of all orange tabby cats are male?) remind him to find beauty everywhere.

The sun is shining on him. See his shadow on the white post? He’s my reminder to seek joy today. To look for small things like daisies. On my morning walk with the dogs today, I was treated to the high pitched chirp of the female cardinal. I saw her in her feathered suit of brown and red then caught the brilliant flash of her mate as he zipped into a tree near her. A blue jay shouted out from somewhere that he was in the market for luuuurve while a mockingbird bachelor took up residence high on a telephone pole.

Did you know that the bachelor mockingbird will sing nearly non-stop while looking for his partner? Also, he flings himself way up into the air to show off his silver and white and black handsome self. Of course, if you’ve ever been the bedroom window the bachelor chooses to sing outside of, then this may not bring you all the joy it could. LOL.


The sun burned my eyes on my walk back in. I couldn’t see a thing and nearly walked into a neighbor taking his morning stroll. He called a good morning to me knowing I couldn’t see due to the sun in my eyes. Just a neighborly thing to do when the sun is at your back.

Spring is coming. It’s still late winter of course but here in Texas that looks very different from my years in Michigan or in Colorado.

What will bring you joy today? What does late winter look like where you are? Rather than rail at the weather that is, find some joy in it. Allow your heart to open up to joy.

Can you commit to three minutes, just 180 seconds, of seeking joy today?

Some of my loved ones are having such hard times right now. Know that I have you in my heart and love you very much.

And that goes for all of you reading this. I love you. It really is that simple for me in this moment.

Sun, Cat’s Eye Tarot, U.S. Games 2011 (used with permission)

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

The Cat’s Eye Tarot is a personal favorite of mine that I use in public readings. I recommend this deck.

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13 thoughts on “What Will You Do For 180 Seconds?”

  1. This is a challenge I like! I’ll seek joy looking at how far my new coaching website has already progressed this evening, and drinking a glass of lovely merlot.

    We had beautiful sunshine in Ireland today (it’s just gotten a little cloudy now) although it’s icy cold! I thin the sun has forgotten that he’s supposed to warm as well as brighten, lol.

    Have a sunny, joyful day 🙂

  2. After I thank you for the reminder, I am going to go and spend my three minutes on joy. I had a minute this morning when I took a moment to enjoy the “perfect” winter morning: an inch of fresh, fluffy snow, 23 degrees, no wind…Time to find more joy.

  3. I do work on experiencing joy every day. As I have been working on the computer, it has grown dark. There’s something so restful about night. Thank you for the post. I too enjoy birds except not when I’m sleeping. That’s more a spring summer thing.

  4. I just love this deck, waited years for it to come out. Every second was worth it 🙂 My reading today was all about seeking joy, too – in Lenormand speak. A reminder to believe in wonder, to find joy in the simplest of things, and to remember life is sacred. So, my 180 seconds – really looking as I walk into the village, enjoying the light of the sun and the shadows through the trees, and the crisp bite of February air 🙂

  5. Thank you for a beautiful invitation to focus on joy for 180 seconds!! I am choosing to count my blessings before I go to bed. I love writing down three positive and inspiring things that have happened – 1) a home cooked Sunday roast made with love by my Mum (2) the prospect of a phone call with a dear friend in NZ tomorrow morning (3) walking in the rain to my Mum and Dad’s … made me appreciate the warmth indoors more!

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