Who’s Going To Start A Fire Today?

Destruction in an Ace? But Arwen! Aces are seed energy. They are the promise of the suit. They are GOOD. Right? Right?

WhisperingPath_1WandsToday’s card is one of the ones that came up for me in a recent reading where I finally solidified my sacred word for 2013. I wasn’t surprised to see this card turn up on this random draw for today.

Fire-starter. That’s one thing I think of when I see the Ace of Wands. That can be a good thing. That can be a bad thing. As a water sign, I am a bit disinclined to be a big fire fan. All that heat. All that destruction.

Yeah, okay, so water can be destructive in its own right.

Destruction in an Ace? But Arwen! Aces are seed energy. They are the promise of the suit. They are GOOD. Right? Right?

Well, I hate to disappoint you but aces, to me, are neither good nor bad. They simply are. They can be good. Witness the growing tree giving a place for the blue bird to nest. They can be bad. See the fire in the background? If it gets out of hand, the bird, the tree and the bunny are all going to suffer.

But harnessed correctly, the Ace of Wands is the kind of fiery, passionate, dare I say it, spark of energy that can rejuvenate things. It’s a great card to show up around new projects or projects that need that last kick to sprint to the finish.

I love the smoke rising up from the flames. I’m reminded of the prayers that rise up in so many religious cultures–carried to that Higher Power. Faith is a beautiful thing.

What needs a spark in your life? What could use a little boot to the rear to get you over that last hump or out of that sagging middle?

Take a lesson with the Ace of Wands today and go for it. Passion can carry you forward when nothing else will. Be passionate, darlings. Be alive.

This is from Elizabeth Hazel’s Whispering Path Tarot. It’s self-published charmer that I adore. Good for small hands and a very lovely deck.

Ace of Wands, Whispering Path Tarot, Elizabeth Hazel

Seek Joy,Y’all! Pass it on.

8 thoughts on “Who’s Going To Start A Fire Today?”

  1. Hi Arwen! I’m visiting from the UBC. What a lovely blogsite you have! I am so not familiar with Tarot, but I think I understood your post. Interesting! May I ask, so how did you settle on your sacred word for this year? Is it a meditation mantra, or a theme word? In contemplative prayer, we use a sacred word somewhat like a mantra. Thanks!

    1. Hello and welcome, Kebba. I love your name. πŸ˜€ My word was one that I started using when I first downloaded the workbook+planner (http://bit.ly/Joy2013 It kept coming up over and over when I tried to communicate how things were shifting in me with that work I was doing. πŸ˜€ It is like a mantra. I use it internally with ideas of what it is sparking inside of me. πŸ˜€

  2. I love how you see the totality of the card, not just what it’s “supposed” to mean. Love the imagery of the smoke rising as prayers. Beautiful.

  3. I love fire! I have no relation to it through my birth (air sign with water ascendent) but I’m still – or maybe because of that? – fascinated and magically attracted by fire. Give me a fireplace or a campfire, and I’ll happily labour away. My pagan friends here in Ireland, who’ve seen me at outdoors rituals, refer to me as the “pyromani-hag” πŸ˜‰

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