Who’s The CEO of Your Life?

8-airToday’s card reminds me of a post from Tia Johnson. She runs The Violet Sanctuary Spa, LLC. Tia is an attuned Reiki practitioner, Gateway Dreaming™ Coach, certified by Denise Linn, Certified Crystal Healer, by Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. Plus she’s just got this amazing glow about her.

We are in Leonie’s Amazing Biz + Life Academy together. Tia shared a post titled You Are The C.E.O. Of Your Life that really resonated with me. In this article she asked seven questions. Me being me–I grabbed my beloved Gaian Tarot to answer them.

And the reason this reminds me of the Eight of Air is because of these people sitting in council with one another. They are doing more here than just listening. They are offering advice when asked. They are supporting the speaker on their journey. They are the board members.

The Violet Sanctuary Spa’s C.E.O. Of Your Own Life Spread

1. Who are the board members in your life? That is the people you go to before you make your final decisions, explain your goals to and so forth. Make sure they are trust worthy people who want to see you thrive and be happy in what you choose to pursue and/or change in your life.

Nine of Earth–What a lovely card. This is the card of the accomplished human relaxing and taking stock of their surroundings. This is perfect because the people I go to for advice (and they may not even realize it) are those who seem secure in their own life. They post positive, uplifting things. They write about the good in their life as opposed to the bad. They are my compasses in a way because I point myself in the same direction.

On a personal, I-know-them, basis I turn to my best friend, my lover and my sister. Each of them fulfills a different type of role but all of them want to see me thrive and be happy. I trust that they will not tear me down or heap negativity into my world.

2. What are the ‘departments’ you have in your life? In other words, you have different friends for different things. With whom do you dine, go to art exhibits, party, shop? It’s best to know what roles people play in your life so that you’re not expecting more from them than what they can offer.

Temperance–This card made me smile. It’s the card of balance and moderation. I am blessed with a variety of humans in my world. I can express my creative, playful self by calling on artistic types. My writer self is nourished by other writers. I’m not much of a shopper (more of a GGG “get in, get it and get out” type.

The departments would be Creative Arts with mini-groups for Written and Visual, Social Management which is spearheaded by my friends who love to gather to play games at their house (we aren’t much of a go out crew), and the Food Department which is most definitely led by my beloved Day Off Husband (that’s a joke we have because he’s my go-to guy for a lunch date on my day off.)

3. What executive decisions must you make? Are there people in your life that you need to release? Give them the pink slip! Is there something about yourself that needs to change? What planning and restructuring needs to be done?

Death–Whoa. The Gaian Tarot isn’t one to mess around. Guess I need to identify these folks fast. I’ve been doing that a bit but now I must focus more. I need to eliminate those who dwell in the negative.

I’m certainly not saying that there is no negativity in my life. What I am saying is that I won’t give it time. I won’t feed it. I won’t use my energy to nourish that. That includes dissing others who don’t fit my world view. I will simply disengage quietly and go on about my business.

Death. Really, Gaian Tarot? Really? Still laughing!

4. What is the purpose of your organization aka life? This one may be a tough question to answer because you may be unsure of your purpose. No worries. You can start with thinking about the things you love to do or how you have helped people. For example, are you good at and love giving advice? There’s a talent just waiting to be discovered!

Fool–Or, in this deck, the Seeker. Um, again with the literal, Gaian? If you’ve read my blog a bit, you are probably nodding your head as well. I just revisited the question that started me on this journey.

What if your life’s purpose were simply to seek joy? How hard would that be?”

That is why I say, “Seek Joy, Y’all.” And it’s why I added “Pass it on.” I want you to say that every day. I want you to write it on receipts when you pay your bills. I want you to make it the way you say good-bye. It will be international. I’m determined.
5. What are your daily functions? At my job, it’s communication and execution. I would suggest communicating with yourself, Spirit, and others each day in regards to how you feel, your needs, wants, and so forth. You don’t have to go into great detail with Spirit and other each day. Keep it simple! You can just say to someone, ‘I would love it if the weather was warmer.’ Just be expressive and get that throat chakra going! By executing, you are living, you are doing! Don’t remain day dreaming to long! Come back to the physical world and direct your energy towards something good by doing something as simple as holding the door or complimenting someone!

Seven of Fire–Another literal pull from this great deck, this is the card of the quintessential multi-tasker. I see this blacksmith as one side of the Celtic deity Brighid. She is a healer, a smith and a poet. I like to joke that she can make the sword that will bring you back to her to be healed and then write an epic poem about the battle. Lord have mercy, does this nail my daily functions. So Spirit, I’d love it if I had a better way to manage my tasks.

6. What are your goals? Make short and long term goals and work towards building a road map so that you will remain on track!

Explorer of Air–See how high he climbs? Each branch is a step towards his end goal of reaching the sky. He is the communicator of the Explorers (knights) in this deck.


  • Publish something new in fiction as Marilu MannCai and I are working on this now. 🙂
  • Publish How A Fool Does Wander First draft is finished. Have to wrote proposals.
  • Write letter asking those two people on my BIG SCARY DREAMS list to say “Seek Joy, Y’all.” Have upped list to three. Must write letters. 😀

Those are just a few. Thanks to the workbook I’m using, one of my big dreams for 2013 is already under way. No lie! You can do it too. It’s not too late. It’s never too late, y’all.

7. Who are the stakeholders in your life? Meaning, who has invested in you? Your parents? Your friends? Your co-workers? Strangers who believe in you? By stakeholder, I don’t mean those who provided you with financial support only, but also their time and other resources. Who were the people who believed in you from the very beginning and remained by your side? Those who believed in you just as you were about to give up. Or, those who helped you get back on track.

Child of Fire–Now this one surprised me a bit. Here is our curious young heart who is ready to feel the passion. S/he has such joy on their face, right? It’s not just the warmth that is creating that pure happiness. It’s the beauty of the fire. See it in your own mind. The red, the yellow, the blues, the white as they dance safely across the log. Know that this beauty is reflected in your own soul. You are the stakeholders in my life. You who have been here. You who have just joined me. You who gently remind me that I know so much more than I give myself credit for. My friends, my family, my spiritual brothers and sisters–thank you for being a part of this journey

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

8 of Air, Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert, 2010

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  1. I love the way you use prompts like these to do a reading. And those were some beautiful and powerful answers you got. I so hope you write those letters. Seek Joy, Y’All 😀

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