Tarotscopes 1/13-1/19/2013

Efflorescent_1CupsHere are this week’s Tarotscopes.

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Deck used today is the Efflorescent Tarot (black and white version).

  • AQ World Feeling awkward? Naked? Don’t. U have so much power. People are in yr corner. Connect/network. Spread yr world view!
  • PIC Star Yr star ascends. Nurture what grows AND what seems to not grow. Both will prosper if you do. Sparkle, darling.
  • ARI 9Sw Turn yr face from the wall, Medea. Live, Agnes, LIVE! Huddling away won’t stop the nightmares. Let in some light, honey.
  • TAU 5S If they refuse to fill their mind w/ joy, then U must let them go. Hard, but it’s for yr own happiness. Walk on.
  • GEM 1Sw By cutting away the weeds in yr mind, U can achieve clarity. Do try to grab the handle & not the pointy end this time.
  • CAN 9C Make a wish, then act on it. Wishing is great, but steps to get there work. Set huge goals w/ achievable steps this week.
  • LEO 5C U are wasting time!. Stop worrying about what’s gone. Focus on what U have. Don’t let that evaporate while U aren’t looking.
  • VIR 1C What grows from yr loving heart? U are a vessel for joy. Catch it. Drink it. Share it. Allow this expansion. It’s good.
  • LIB Hermit Time to head into yr quiet spaces. Learning self is the key to everything. Follow yr own star. Not a great wk for company.
  • SCO Emperor Rule yrslf 1st. Rein in passion. Rethink aggression. Self-control is true leadership. Focus on yr family.
  • SAG 1W Focus on growth for exponential expansion. U really could take over the world if U get it in gear. Seize the day, darling.
  • CAP Sun Look up. Share the warmth. Surround yrslf w/ beauty. Find others who feel the same. Don’t waste time w/ negativity.

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