Right, Wrong + Perspective

There’s so much to see in this image, isn’t there? Look at it for about two minutes without moving your head. Just let your eyes roam.

EfflorescentTarot_BackToday’s card is from a different perspective. Rather than the front of the cards, I’m sharing the back. You may know that I’m enamored by Zentangles. I do them myself as well as mandalas. This is a very new hobby for me but I just adore it.

This card back reminds me of tangling with its repetitions and use of black and white lines. It’s completely reversible as well. That’s one of my quirks. I like reversible decks but I don’t generally read reversals.

There’s so much to see in this image, isn’t there? Look at it for about two minutes without moving your head. Just let your eyes roam.

Now tilt your head. Change your perspective. Stare for another two minutes.

See how things change? See how what was important from one view gives way to something else?

That’s important in life as well. When you feel your heels digging in and your teeth clenching, try looking at it from another perspective. Allow yourself the opportunity to relinquish the death grip you have on “I’m right, dammit, and you’re wrong.”

I’m not saying see it from their perspective because really, can we? I’m just saying come at it from a different angle.

Give yourself the gift of perspective.

Efflorescent Tarot, Katie Rose Pipkin, Self-Published, Only 6 left of this charming black and white version.

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Seek Joy, y’all! Pass it on.

16 thoughts on “Right, Wrong + Perspective”

    1. Corie, thanks for stopping by. I’ll be showing off more of this deck in the coming weeks. It’s stunning. I love the black and white version of this deck–a lot. πŸ˜€

  1. This is great. Zentangles are so beautiful! They remind me of those computer graphics that go deeper and deeper while repeating patterns. I forget what they are called. I saw a post recentlly (on Pinterest?) on how to make a repeating pattern for making fabric patterns or something. I thought it would be fun to make some zentangle fabrics, wouldn’t it?

    1. Liz, let me know if you get it. I’m loving looking at the cards. They are on cardstock and are not sturdy–I think you should know that. More of an art deck than a use deck on this stock.

  2. I don’t read reversals in Tarot either. LOL I LOVE the image you shared with us. Good advice about looking at things from another angle. It was fun to do that on your image. I swear I saw the color yellow, when I cocked my head. BTW, I love coloring, and this image called to me to be colored. πŸ™‚

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