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Our Yule Blog Hop theme is ‘Christmas Present’. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to blog about today. Part of this was the fact that I had so many ideas–I couldn’t settle on one. I could have shared about the present that this has been in my life. I could have talked about how to be more present in life. I might have even turned this into a Me-me-me post to chat with you about presents I wanted.

But then it hit me. One of the neatest gifts I’ve gotten all year is the chance to interact with and learn more about my fellow Tarot lovers. This blog hop has been one of those vehicles for that. I like to think we’ve created a community of readers who are all intent on the same thing–to spread the joy that Tarot brings each of us. This hop has featured spreads and videos and baring of souls. We’ve seen out of print decks, brand new decks and peeks at decks to come. Every six weeks, I’ve gotten to unwrap more joy and more Tarot goodies than I ever thought possible. All because of one offhand remark about how we should build community rather than tear one another down.

So this is the last hop of this year. I’m really proud of the many Tarot bloggers who have hopped along with this idea. It started out as a reaction to something ugly but has turned into something simply amazing. Donnaleigh shared this link for those who wanted to know more about this community event.

We learned from each hop. The first thing we learned was the fact that we needed a master list. Links were broken. Bloggers got ill. Things happened. So our readers could navigate more easily, we created master lists. We sometimes cranked at each other behind scenes because we wanted this to be perfect. We learned to adjust and compromise for when another blogger fell off the loop for whatever reason.

My holiday present to you is a look back at the loops that have gone before. I guess you could say this is the ghost of Tarot Hops past.

Here are the master lists to this year’s hops:

Imbolg had no master List so you can start here.
Ostara’s master list is here.
Beltane’s master list is here.
Litha’s master list is here.
Lammas’ master list is here.
Mabon’s master list is here. I didn’t participate in this one due to a trip I was on.
Samhain’s master list is here.
The Yule master list is here.

And we will be doing this again next year. If you are a blogger who would like to join us, please do! The only caveat is that the post must have something to do with Tarot or some other oracle or divination method.

Thanks for being part of my Christmas present right now. I hope you will leave me a comment. I love to know you were here.

Happy Holidays!

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.
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25 thoughts on “YULE: Tarot Blog Hop”

  1. Arwen honey, you can’t believe how much being part of the tarot blog hop has taught me. I believe you were the one who introduced me to this wonderful group of passionate people. I think I spotted your comments on tabi or something, but I got so excited by it that I posted my blog post way past that blog hop deadline and was chided by you LOL!

  2. Hi Arwen, I participated in a couple of blog hops in 2012 and would like to join for all in 2013, but I am not on Facebook and never intend to be. Is there any way I can join in?

    1. Carla, just contact whomever was being your go-between. We’d love to have you join in. It’s easier if you are on Facebook, but if you have someone willing to go back and forth, that’s fine.

  3. What a nice thing to put on the Yule blog – details of all the blogs! It was a super idea Arwen and one that we are getting more confident with as the hops mount up. One day, ONE DAY, we’ll get a hop up with alllllll the links working 😀

    Have a lovely Yule!!

    Ali x

    1. Ali, I was worried it was a bit of a cop out but then I thought I would want to have all of them in one place all handy. 😀

  4. Arwen,
    I have really loved being a part of the Blog-Hops, they’ve been a personal challenge for me and it’s been interesting the “destination” each Hop has taken me. 🙂

  5. A wondrous idea, indeed! I am so grateful to have been invited at Lammas, and definitely hope to participate all year in 2013. Such great prompts for writing ideas in this process, too. Onward!

    Oh, and I absolutely love your “motto,” Arwen (Seek Joy Y’all). I smile every single time I see it. It’s genius.

  6. As I am reading the blog hop, naturally I’m listening to music. Just as your page loaded, I heard the word “believe” as I read the graphic at the top of the page. The song is about a seeker who never finds what she’s looking for, but she knows The Mother. Just thought I’d share that.

    “lay me down in the dark womb of your love
    mother the years pass outta countin but no prophet comes to comfort me
    lay me down in the dark womb of your love
    mother i climbed the holy mountain, i found nothin to believe
    mother i climbed the holy mountain, i found nothin to believe”

    Thank you, Arwen, for starting the blog hop. It has been instructive beyond measure.


  7. I like that, the Ghost of Blog Hops past 😀 A lovely reminder, Arwen, to think back on this year of blog hopping. It’s been fun, and moving, and crazy-making, and joyful! So glad you made that off-hand comment 🙂

  8. I tend to use a pendulum far more than cards. I’ve never heard of a blog hop, can someone please explain it to me?

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