Forgiveness,Haiku & Gifts

Haiku_Forgive001Today’s card is from a brand-new oracle. It is a lovely little deck that can be used in so many ways. I drew a card when I opened it last night and received a very magical message.

I drew today’s card then realized I was going to be late for an appointment if I didn’t shake my tail. I got mad at myself for forgetting.

Then I looked at this message again. I don’t forgive myself for my own mistakes as much as I should. I get down on me for messing up.

And you know what? It’s not that I mess up so much as I deviate from the course I’ve set for myself.

That’s okay, y’all. Journeys weren’t meant to be straight shots. They should be meandering wanders. That’s the best way to learn and grow–as far as I see it.

Of course there are people in my life that I have to forgive. Those that I’ve had to let go for whatever reason. Those that I still hold on to by thinking about them, revisiting old hurts…and why?

To be completely free, I must give myself the gift of forgiveness–for them, for myself, for all of it.

I forgive me for not being able to forgive them.

I love you. Remember that as you go through your day. Even if we’ve never talked/written/had a chance to share a smile, I love you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Haiku for Thought, Rachel Marco-Havens, (and these are priced very reasonably!)

I’m going to use this deck to help me work on my workbook+planner! 😀 Yes, you can still get it. Yes, you can still ask to join the to work on it with us. Can’t wait to have you!

6 thoughts on “Forgiveness,Haiku & Gifts”

  1. How lovely! Forgiveness is so vitally important to our growth, to letting go of the past and moving into a bright and shining future, and it can be so tricky to do sometimes (especially for ourselves). What a great reminder of that gift!Thank you for sharing!

  2. Funny isn’t it how it can be hard to forgive others but often way harder to forgive ourselves. I guess it might just be one of those things that the more you do the better you get at it! x

  3. This is a great message, Arwen! Both about forgiving others, and forgiving ourselves.

    Now, how do I go about sharing this with my Dear One, who I think is in need of it? It’s a hard message to pass to someone who doesn’t want to hear it.

    And, as you say, it’s all well and good to say “Yes, I forgive you”, but to really mean it is a lot harder….

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