12/16-12/22/2012 Tarotscopes

DreamingWay_18Moon19SunToday’s deck? Dreaming Way Tarot. I love this deck, y’all! See why on this video.

  • AQ 6Sw Set yr heart to the far shore. Leave troubled thoughts behind. Move into a calmer way of thinking. Accept help.
  • PIC 6Cps Remember past loves. Honor what they brought to U. Acknowledge personal emotional growth. Spend time in the past.
  • ARI Sun Family is yr sunshine. Focus on bringing warmth, joy, love to the home. Joy is found in play this wk. Seek the warmth.
  • TAU 9Sw Overwhelmed? Feeling attacked? Focusing on the fear will help you define what’s real & what’s not. Control yr thoughts.
  • GEM PW Messages need to be sent to be received. Communications important if U want to grow. Youth shows U the way if U listen.
  • CAN PSw No matter where U go, there U are. U can’t escape yr own thoughts so make them positive. Make them hopeful. Make them.
  • LEO 2Sw Take time to think this through. The decision before U is more about U than them. Choose wisely, grasshopper.
  • VIR 10Sw Careful U don’t take on too much of what others think. When U give in to the negativity, U risk being a magnet for it.
  • LIB 3Sw Sharp, pointy things including thoughts should not be handled carelessly. Retrain yr mind to bring U gifts of joy, please.
  • SCO KWn Expect growth. Assume position of power. Passionate decisions likely so rule w/ yr heart. Stay steady on this course.
  • SAG 7W Sometimes U must lead w/ elbows to make yr way to the front. Don’t let negative thoughts hold u back. Growth happens.
  • CAP Moon Examine things closely. Make no hasty decisions. Emotion could hide bigger things so don’t let fear sway you.

Your chance to #seekjoy, y’all, by giggling w/ me as I show you this planner via YouTube!

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