Tarotscopes 12/9-12/15/2012

  • AQ 2Air Listen. No, really. HUSH & LISTEN. Yr inner voice needs to have a chat. Stop all the extra. Focus on yr gut hunch only.
  • PIC HPS Secrets revealed IF U ask. Seek within what U would find outside yrslf. Answers are internal. Guidance offered IF U ask.
  • ARI Moon Phases. It’s all phases. What comes, goes. Ride the waves. Don’t get sucked into the drama storm. Phases. All phases.
  • TAU Magician What can U create? Anything U want. Active participation crucial if U want to change things. Feel life’s rhythm. Move.
  • GEM World Open arms. Open heart. Open yr soul. Universe is calling. Join the dance again. Expand horizons. Friends will help.
  • CAN 3F If U get asked 2 dance, shake yr butt. Move into what U want. No hesitating. This is U going for it. Write it down. GO FOR IT.

  • LEO 7Earth Time to rest. Review yr year. Celebrate wins. Acknowledge loss. Prepare yr inner self for new growth w/ self-care.
  • VIR ChAir Mental work highlighted. Write things down. Communicate. Project. Be a free-thinker this wk. Explore rabbit holes.
  • LIB ExAir Challenge yr self. Move beyond yr fears. High climbers get the best view. Don’t hold back. Explore yr thought process.
  • SCO Jdgmt The next level is here. Why are U still waiting? Shed yr bonds. Rise up if U would be free. This is the big time, honey.
  • SAG 5F Careful, darlings. U’re right but yr delivery can hurt. Temper yr words w/ kindness. Flying off the handle not recommended.
  • CAP Bindweed Tied down? Check who tied the knots. Yr hand was on the rope. Free yr mind. Free yrslf. Yr opinion counts most.

I’m going to cleanse my area for 2013. Create sacred space with me.

Seek Joy Zentangle, Arwen, 2012


Pssst! I just put up a video review of the 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Workbook + Planner that I’ve been raving about.  I hope you love it and I hope you are moved to get it and share it. Remember to let me know when you get it so you can join the seeeekrit Facebook group to work through it and do check ins throughout 2013. 😀

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