Tarotscopes 12/2- 12/8/2012

AQ KEarth Focus on projects that need finishing. Better to put Finis on one before U start another. Building existing business best.

PIC Wrld Open yr arms for what U want. Embrace yr world. Nurture yrslf. Expect expansion. Friends are there for U. Expect it.

ARI KAir Pray. Pray more. Let the Universe know U are there & aware. Show others how to manifest joy. Follow yr own song this wk.

TAU 2Fire Light someone’s world up. Let them know what they mean to U. Share passion. Doesn’t have to be physical. Be a candle.

GEM ChAir Find beauty. Focus on it. Send messages to clear the air. Watch that U aren’t thinking like a child. Clear open mind good.

CAN 10F Don’t take on too much. What U do, do thoroughly. Some things need to be cleared out to make room for others.

LEO 1Earth Seed growth. Slow. Steady. Pushing up to make a new start. Emphasis on finding yr legs this wk. Get a fresh perspective.

I am SO loving this workbook! Join me. . Practical steps for my best year ever. #seekjoy y’all.

VIR 1Fire Hatch a new U. Get out of yr comfort zone. Embrace those baby steps toward yr new joy. Time’s a wasting so get moving.

LIB 6Earth Generosity is a 2 way street.  Allow others to be nice. U be nice to them. Create community by BEING community.

SCO 3Fir Work on emotional owies. Write letters to clear the air. Burn them if U don’t send them. Self healing is critical.

SAG Bindweed Yr attitudes tie U down. It’s not them. It’s U. Stop letting physical pleasures take the place of loving yrself.

CAP 7Wtr Dreams come true this wk. U have some fabulous choices to make. Good news! U can’t pick wrong…unless U don’t pick.

6 of Earth, Gaian Tarot, Joanna P. Colbert

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