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Stir The Cauldron got my attention because my personal webpage has the same title. So when I saw this blog I had to visit. Lady Rose and Mama Kelly create one of those fun blogs that combine readings along with so many other things. One of my favorites were the old postcards showing various readers. Be warned that some of these portray nudity so if you have an issue with that, don’t go. Me, myself and I loved it. While exploring, I discovered that they are both fellow Twitters so of course I had to follow them. I’m such a Twitter addict. 🙂

I personally enjoyed the readings they did. The way the interpretations were done sounded so similar to my own that I had to nod in agreement several times. Here Mama Kelly is offering her view on a particular past card.

– I almost get the feeling that, in terms of the lay off, that someone pushed you under the bus. There is a sense of betrayal associated with this situation that seems to go beyond merely losing a job. I do not know if promises were broken by a superior or if you simply feel that it was handled poorly.

If you read the comments, you will see the querent responding with feedback. Both of these bloggers have categories for their own Tarot diaries as well as categories covering so many other things. One was the Tarot Basics which gave some really good posts. And such practical, approachable advice like:

Our fears and curiosity make us easy prey sometimes for unethical people who try to take advantage of grief, confusion, pain, stress. If you are just curious or you need a little help and glimpse into the future, always chose a reader who empowers you and doesn’t try to frighten you or make you dependent on their advice.

I was particularly touched by a post of Lady Rose where she shared what she got from a meditation she did. One part that resonated with me was

Silence is the greatest of all teachers. Learning spirals out of silence. Sacred space without reflects the sacred space within. Wisdom comes form nothiness, shedding away all that is not needed.

I once wrote a poem about Silence as the 10th muse so this really struck home.

Mama Kelly’s diary gives you looks at Tarot and her family with a post on her daughter’s first reading. The combination priestess and mother pride just rings out on that post.

I really enjoyed this blog. I have to admit that it is one I stumbled across tonight. Really glad I did! My time spent there will not be my last. I do hope you will join me in visiting Stir The Cauldron. Remember to tell them Arwen sent you.

Thanks for following and liking me!

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