Balance, Falling & Trust

It’s how we learn. It’s how we grow. It’s how we correct our own course in life. We make mistakes. We hurt others. We hurt ourselves.

Today’s card reminds me of two things. The first is how hard it can be to find my balance. The second is how beautiful it is when I recognize both sides of myself.

This is the Temperance card from the Cat’s Eye Tarot (U.S. Games 2011). As an animal lover, this deck truly appeals to me. As a professional Tarot consultant, this deck reads amazingly well.

These two kitties understand love and trust. Curled up on a seemingly precarious perch overlooking a rocky coast and deep water, they sleep. No fear shudders them awake. No worries about the other one moving keeps either awake. They are in harmony with one another.

In our lives we are often blessed with this gift with another person. My best friend is someone I am in this kind of harmony with. Even when we squabble, I know in my bones that she’s always going to be there for me and me for her.

There’s another person in my life that I need this unity with. It’s myself. There are times when I doubt my worth, fear my success, know I will fall off that thin rail I foolishly stand on.

Trusting yourself can be such a hard thing. None of us pass the age of 20 without having some mistake in our past that leads us to worry that if we can make that bad decision, surely there will be more.

Um, y’all? I’ve got a secret to tell you.



It’s how we learn. It’s how we grow. It’s how we correct our own course in life. We make mistakes. We hurt others. We hurt ourselves.

The thing we forget to do?


Not the others (although that is very freeing). No, we forget to forgive ourselves. I have a person in my life who hurt me very badly. I forgave her and renewed our friendship. Then she did the exact same thing again to me. I ended that friendship. And it hurt a great deal.

Part of it was because she did such an awful thing to me. But a larger part was that I had done such an awful thing to me. I had trusted this woman to do what she said and mean what she said. She didn’t. She’d been driven to it by others in the community asking why I never came to her home. She’d been basically guilted into it.


I had to forgive myself for being played a fool not once, but twice.

What do you hold on to that throws you out of balance with yourself, darlings? What threatens to teeter you off the rail into the water below?

Love yourself. Trust yourself. Understand that each mistake, each hurt, all of it has been a learning process. You were learning how to correct your own course.

Forgive. Love. Trust.

Find balance today. I love you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Cat’s Eye Tarot, U.S. Games, 2011

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