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Traditionally, there are four animals or people representing the archangels. But Butler has thrown a curve ball here.

Today is also the Tarot Blog Hop so check back at 2pm CST for my stop in this fabulous community of Tarot bloggers. There are twenty-eight of us signed up today. I hope you will set a reminder to come back by to see my post about Zombies and the care of Shadow Self.

Today’s card is from a brand new deck (well a republished version of a deck anyway). I’ve chatted with the artist/creator a few years ago when he collaborated with another person to create the Quantum Tarot.

When I pulled this card for today, my first though was, “Where are the corner figures?” Then I realized that the elements are the supporting corners. Traditionally, there are four animals or people representing the archangels. But Butler has thrown a curve ball here.

And I find that it works for me a lot. With Earth, Air, Fire, Water as the supports, I am reminded that my place in my World takes community, thought, passion and love. Without those things, I might not be able to dance as I do.

Sometimes though, I skimp on the community by letting it be all online. I find that when I get around my friends in the physical world, I am remind of how much I miss touch.

Just the friendly hand on the shoulder or the quick (or long) hug we are so free with. It’s nothing for one person to be on the couch with other basically puppy-piled around. I love sitting in a chair with a friend leaning against my legs while we play a silly game.

Physical touch. Real-time community. Someone else’s arms around you. Someone brushing your cheek as they pass. Someone tweaking your hair just because.

I was at an event this Sunday. It was populated mostly by gay men. I watched from my reading table as they joked and played and had an amazing time. It wasn’t so much sexual as it was friendly. And I loved it. Nearly everyone who sat at my table shook my hand. One swooped by to thank me for volunteering and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Touch. How much do you need it? How much do you miss it? What are you doing to get more of it?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

World,The Son Tarot: Mysticism, Meditation, and Divination for Gay MenSchiffer Publishing, 2012 the S. This has what I am coming to think of as Schiffers’ trademark packaging with a nice book and a very sturdy box that includes a magnetized lid. It’s a pricey deck, but the packaging is worth it. I think it would be a fabulous holiday gift!

Oh! And please check out this video review that I did on another deck.

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