Tarotscopes 10/28 – 11/3

So how was your last week? What is this week looking like? Do tell teh Arwen! I love hearing from you.

  • AQUARIUS What will U harvest? What will U plant? Never take away more than U can put back. Weeding excepted. What must be let go of?
  • PISCES Love! It’s in the air. Just hold yr arms out to let the joy rush in. Let others show U their love. Don’t be shy, you deserve it.
  • ARIES Careful. When U believe what they say about U, it can tie U down. Only accept what lifts U up. Manage yr addictions, please.
  • TAURUS Group projects successful. Gather w/ friends. Make some joy to put away. Bank that laughter like it’s gold. Smile sustainability.
  • GEMINI Sometimes U must walk away. Community that doesn’t sustain U isn’t for U. Seek again, dears. U have companions on this walk.
  • CANCER Choices? Stop dithering. Pick 1 or lose them all. The beauty is U won’t lose. Unless U refuse to choose. Drink deep. Commit.
  • LEO Joy finds U & lights U up. Don’t be surprised by passion flaring up in good ways. Single? Get ready to be wowed by someone.
  • VIRGO Stop waiting to be filled up. DO IT YOURSELF–just like everything else. This is about yr attitude, precious. So start smiling.
  • LIBRA Emotional exploration is scary but necessary. Write that love letter. Let it out. U need to go deeper if U want them to. Lead.
  • SCORPIO When U join w/ other to make mindful community, things happen. Good things. Amazing things. Reach out. Link up. Create family.
  • SAGITTARIUS Yes, U do need to take that risk. Pack a bag. Hit the back roads for a bit. U can always come back. Opportunity is shouting.
  • CAPRICORN HPS Some mysteries need to be left alone. Knowing everything about everyone may not be in your best interest. Keep your counsel.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

I did this week’s Tarotscopes with my beloved Gaian Tarot, Llewellyn Publications, 2011

10 of Earth, Gaian Tarot

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