Tarotscopes for October 7 – 13, 2012

  • AQUARIUS Study. Learn. Teach. Repeat. Practicing what U know isn’t wasting time. It’s honing skills. U will be called to share. Be ready.8 Earth
  • PISCES Unpleasant people flame out around you. Don’t be a firefighter. Don’t be fuel. Make sure it’s yr battle BEFORE engaging please. Five Fire
  • ARIES Letters coming. Write the one U need to write. Explore emotional depths. Baby steps okay, but get the whole foot wet this time. Child of Water
  • TAURUS Time to dance for yrslf & not others. Time to celebrate the amazing human U are. Passion calls U. Answer the music. Go for it. 6 of Fire
  • GEMINI Creativity. Actualization. Power. Put together to make it amazing for U & for them. Time to realize “as is above, so is below.” Magician
  • CANCER Down time required. U need to have some quiet moments w/ self STILL. Clear old tapes, baggage. Realize what anchors. What weighs. 4 of Water
  • LEO Anxieties are made worse when U don’t identify what’s real. Focus on what U can control. Nightmares? Try meditating before bed.9 of Air
  • VIRGO Careful U don’t wear yrslf out. Burning the candle at both ends sucks when U are the wick & wax. Saying no is okay. Focus on U. 10 of Fire
  • LIBRA Good things come to those who wait. Fortune will knock. U must answer the door. Expect surprises, visits & even love this week. Wheel of Fortune
  • SCORPIO What aspect of self compels U to explore? Dig into yr local world. Experiment w/ eating locavore only this wk. Yr health matters. Explorer Earth
  • SAGITTARIUS Stand yr ground. Hold that line. Be at peace with the choices U have to make. Do what is best for U. Sacred conversations needed. 4Fire
  • CAPRICORN Expand yr view. Look beyond the seen. Set some goals to change yr world. Others will help but you’ll have to lead. Again. Gaia

21 days of meditation, raw food & joyful movement… sounds divine!

I read with the Gaian Tarot.

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2 thoughts on “Tarotscopes for October 7 – 13, 2012”

  1. Gemini: Creativity and actualization – and today I pulled Spellcasting from the new Book of Shadows As Above. Your messages and mine are all heading the same way! So mote it be 🙂

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