Tarotscopes 9/23 – 9/29

  • AQ 7E Replenish. Replant. Nurture the work u’ve done. Use yr tools, plz. This is a wk for quiet contemplation of harvest. Save seeds
  • PIC QAir Contemplate how to cultivate more silence. How can U hear inspiration for the cacaphony that is life? Yr focus is needed.
  • ARI 7A How much time have U wasted studying the map? Start the journey already. Explorers make their own maps. Use yr skills. GO!
  • TAU 2C Fill up w/ love. Show others how U feel. Time to be open. Embrace joy, darlings. Love comes to U if U hold out yr arms. Do it.
  • GEM Lightning Please be careful. Yr inspiration could upset someone else’s world. Yanking rugs is never fun. The quicker the better.
  • CAN 9F Balance necessary. Craving quiet time? Carve some out. Some serious navel gazing recommended as part of your daily regime.
  • LEO KE Projects started need finishing touches. Don’t call it quits just yet. See this through to the end. Unexpected cash income.
  • VIR 8W Time to let go of emotional ties. U’ve been volunteering to hold that anchor. Um…WHY? Drop the excuses. Unpack that baggage.
  • LIB HPS Seek mystery, y’all. Intuition brings U infinite information if U will pay attention. How much does yr noisy life let U miss?
  • SCO KnF What U do w/ passion will move U forward. Don’t try it if U aren’t HOT for it. This wk is about U & what makes U love life.
  • SAG 10E Time to move to the next chapter. Slow movement emphasized but movement nonetheless. What U leave behind will be nurtured.
  • CAP 2A Inner turmoil can be resolved by listening. Messages arrive in unusual ways. U go further when U stop fighting w/ yrslf.

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