Ghosts, Community & Pimps

Today’s card reminds me that community must be built, yes, but it must also be maintained. We all have responsibility to one another. We really are a global village. If you fall down, I will help you up. If I fall down, I will hold out my hand for your aid.

It’s what community does. A vibrant, growing community supports one another. I’m blessed to be a member of the professional Tarot community. Part of my goal as the president of the American Tarot Association is to promote this community. Sadly, not all are capable of being productive members.

But this is about those who are. Here we have the Three of Pentacles which comes from the amazing Ghosts & Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt. I can’t recommend this deck highly enough. It’s more of the same from Lisa Hunt. You know…gorgeous, lyrical, moving. I swear. Can that woman do anything else? I’ve never seen anything come out of her that is anything less than stunning.

But I digress! Look at these spirits. They are representatives of the Roman pantheon’s Manes who were guardians/ghosts of tombs. Even when you die, your community remembers you and supports you.

Each disk, to me, represents the work the spirit honors. They are slightly playful to me which seems to say that they have learned how to balance work with play.

Let’s honor community today. Who has taught you how to be a better person? A better business owner? A better parent? How do you honor your community members today? Feel free to leave a note for someone else below. You can pimp them out (but not yourself, grin.) Make this about raising up someone else.

My pimp is going to the creatrix of this deck. I know Lisa only through Facebook and her work. She and her husband designed my alter ego, Marilu Mann, logo. Working with Kort and Lisa was one of the smartest moves I ever made. They made it super easy to get exactly what my writing partner and I wanted.

Your turn!

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

3 of Pentacles, Ghosts & Spirits Tarot, US Games, 2012

Seriously, you need this deck! 😀

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5 thoughts on “Ghosts, Community & Pimps”

  1. Talking of community, support and inspiration, I have to nominate my mother. She raised me as a single mom, taught me most everything I know and value. She even had three tarot decks, back in the seventies! ;D

      1. She had the Rider Waite Smith, the Marseilles, and a Chinese Tarot from Lo Scarabeo 🙂 The RWS was her main deck, and she kept it wrapped in a silk scarf in a wooden box 😉 I guess the Lo Scarabeo she must have gotten later…

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